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Under Pressure

She goes in to see Henry, whose pain meds have finally kicked in and made him deliciously loopy. His inhibitions gone, he tells Teddy that the reason her dates have all been going horribly is because they haven't been with him. Teddy calls to the other docs that it's time to start the test but Henry is on a roll and he tells her that they're married and she's hot, so why not be together? Cristina's head is in her hand and she's peeking at the unfolding scene through her fingers, mortified, while the Chief glares.

By the time she's back in the control room, he looks much like an angry cartoon character with steam coming out of his ears. Teddy foolishly tries to argue that it was the painkillers talking but Richard knows that they just loosened Henry's lips enough for him to say what he really means. Teddy insists that even if he means that, she doesn't, and Cristina mercifully breaks it up by yelling that the scans have just come up. It turns out that Henry has a mass near his heart that Teddy wants to take out immediately but Richard forbids her doing the surgery. Cristina pipes up and says that she can do it and points out to a highly skeptical Teddy that she soloed on a similar surgery the month before and Teddy said she did an awesome job. Nothing stings more than having your own words bite you in the ass, huh, Teddy? Richard thinks it's a perfect solution and tells Teddy that she can supervise. Once she leaves Cristina cuts off Teddy's lecture at the pass by pointing out that this way she can at least stay in the OR during the procedure. Teddy storms off but Cristina does a little head bob of self-satisfaction.

Callie, true to her word, is super excited about every scrapbook page and silly game at her shower, and is having an absolute blast. Arizona looks like she's attending a funeral, and Mark can't help but needle her about how well he knows Callie, and how he knows that having a baby in these ultra-nontraditional circumstances is hard for a nice Catholic girl like her. Arizona counters that she's not a bad person for finding showers annoying. No, she's not, and she's right that there are many women who feel the same way when their friends are having showers, but she's forgetting that the polite thing to do is to smile and at least pretend like you're having a good time. Especially as one of the parents of the baby, she might do well to not act like someone is shoving bamboo shoots under her fingernails. Yes, he's being a baby but... he's also right about Callie so wouldn't Arizona's best comeback be to get to know Callie just as well as he does? Callie then calls out to her that it's her turn to play, and Mark delightedly hands her a balloon that she shoves under her scrubs with a barely-concealed sneer before heading off to her happy girlfriend.

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