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As Cristina operates on Henry, Teddy stands behind her and keeps telling her to be careful, like a nervous mother watching her child ride a bike without training wheels for the first time. Since she and we know Cristina's been riding trick bikes like a pro for a long time now, it's obvious that she's just extra worried because this is Henry. When things suddenly take a bad turn she starts hollering at Cristina, demanding updates and threatening to take over, until Cristina has to holler back at her to shut up and, "Stop acting like a scared wife!" Cristina then fixes the problem and everything settles down; she immediately apologizes to Teddy but to her credit Teddy cuts her off and assures her that it's okay.

Richard struts through the hospital like a proud peacock and when Derek finds him, Richard tells him about how he just did his first trial surgery without approval and brags that he doesn't know if or how they will punish him, but he doesn't care because he just saved someone's life. It actually seems like he means it, and that his need to prove something to Derek finally took second place to his desire to help someone. But Derek turns his world back upside down when he announces that someone just dropped out of the trial.

The one obstacle left to getting Adele into the trial is Adele herself. She and Richard are fighting about it in his office because she doesn't want to take the test to see if she qualifies for the trial. Richard pleads with her that they don't have the luxury of time right now, and begs her to do it for him. She finally agrees to do it but stubbornly tells him that she's going to pass to prove that she's fine and they are going to grow old together like they are supposed to.

Mark and Arizona are cleaning up from the successful shower, but Arizona's face is like thunder as she paws through a trash bag looking for the gift list. She rants while Mark gently teases her and we're mercifully saved from too much of it when Callie comes in and asks for a moment alone with her girlfriend. Callie tells Arizona there is one more gift and hands her an envelope containing a flyer for a B&B a few hours away. Excitedly, she tells Arizona they leave in the morning. Arizona is now so used to being a humorless killjoy that she just responds by saying they have patients to see, and Callie finally pleads with her to accept the olive branch that she is offering. She tells Arizona that having this baby is her dream and she knows she's acting kind of insane, and she understands that Arizona doesn't really understand or like the level of insanity. Finally, Arizona snaps back into her former self and grins and hugs Callie happily as we pan over to a onesie that says, "I [heart] My Mommies."

Please, please, Show, I beg of you -- can we please go back to making both Callie and Arizona likeable people at the same time? I think they are a great couple and I'm tired of always hating one or the other for being an unreasonable, selfish, pain in the ass. I want to [heart] my mommies again!!

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