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Previously: Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie, and Arizona all quit their jobs at Seattle Grace, deep-sixed the sale to Pegasus Horizons, left Owen tremendously in the lurch, and began their plan to buy Seattle Grace Mercy West themselves.

Currently, Meredith and Cristina are back to an old standby: studying their asses off. This time, they're prepping their presentation to find an investor who can make up the difference in capital they would need ($175 million) to make the buy. Cristina is particularly freaked since Owen has stopped calling her. If their plan to buy the hospital doesn't work, they are finished as a couple and she knows it. Mere reminds her that when the sale DOES happen and they can tell him the truth, he'll be the happiest of all of them. They have to cut their conversation short because Alex walks in. Look, I don't mean to be like this, but this is what you get for agreeing to live with Alex. No point in sugarcoating it. Alex is like, "Cut the shit and tell me what's going on. It's been a week." He says since they've quit, nurses and lab techs have also resigned, and people are saying without a Pegasus deal, the hospital could be closed within a month. Cristina starts to say something but Meredith shuts her down, then shoots a look to Alex that reads like, "Dude. I'm sorry. Give me a break." Alex storms out.

At the hospital, the interns are bearing a huge chunk of the workload that the departed attendings left unfinished. Smash bumps into the other one and drops a huge stack of charts and binders. I know she probably has a name, but at this point, I'm telling you, there are just too many interns. I know Smash and Stephanie and Jo, and this week I learned that Tina Majorino is Brooks (or "Mousy," I guess, though I failed to catch that last week). And then there's this one. The Other One. She doesn't have a story this week, I really don't like her, so I'm not going to learn her name. How Cristina of me. She's The Other One. You know which one I mean. The Other One hops over to Owen and tells him that the ORs are overbooked. He tells her to find out which surgeries can be pushed back. Bailey then shows up in a sleek business suit -- her old one, she says, from around Y2K, the last time she went on a job interview. The Other One and Brooks are alarmed to hear that Bailey's going on job interviews. She says she's not gonna stick around the sinking ship that is Seattle Grace. Owen says it's not a sinking ship -- he says Cahill has gotten Pegasus to come back to the negotiating table, and they're working out a deal. Further, he says that Bailey can't leave, as she's the "heart" of the hospital. The spirit. I basically said as much last week. Bailey demurs, but Owen insists and prods Brooks (with her cute new short haircut) to agree. Bailey's like, "Fine, but if this place goes belly-up, you're taking it in the nards."

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