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Seattle Grace. Brooks can't answer Meredith's call because she's walk-and-talking with Bailey, who's currently grousing about how she's not the heart of the hospital, she's the dummy who didn't quit when she had the chance. Brooks runs down the specs on this next patient, one of Meredith's leftovers: Melissa Keyser, 28-year-old mother in kidney failure. Dialysis has exhausted all available veins, and now she's septic. Which means she's dying. Bailey rolls her eyes that Meredith Grey left her a hopeless patient. "Might as well have left me a pillow to smother her with," she grouses. But of course, when she gets to the room and looks into the sad faces of Melissa's daughter and husband, all flippant thoughts go out the window.

Owen's lurking outside the conference room where Cahill is working with the Pegasus people. She comes out and calls him on it, but she says she pulled it off. Pegasus is back in. The deal closes at 8 am tomorrow. He's so happy. More relieved than anything. Speaking of relieved, I was so worried he was going to kiss her here, and I'm so glad it doesn't happen. Instead, he just thanks her.

Back at Crest, Derek is closing the group's presentation, a rousing call to invest in an institution, a reputation, a legacy. His speech is inspiring and forward-thinking and confident. And it's very well-received by the nineteen-year-old interns who are taking the meeting. The music goes all goofy when the camera cuts to them, and outside the board room, everybody gets on Stan's case because the meeting was with Crest's junior execs and not Crest. Stan tries to explain that this is how it's done. They impressed the junior execs, who will recommend a meeting with the business development guys, who will then approve a meeting with Crest. He holds up his phone and predicts it will ring any second. ANY SECOND. There is waiting. There are skeptical looks. There's a moment where it looks like everybody's going to shrug shoulders and move on. There's even a whiteout/title card. But then, there's a ring.

After the credits, the Five cannot shut up for five seconds while Stan takes the call from Crest's people. But it's good news: they got the next meeting. Rejoice! Mere gets a call from Brooks, who's cowering in an x-ray room because she can't let Bailey know that Meredith's helping her. Besides the fact that Bailey is righteously pissed off at Meredith, it's also fairly illegal or unethical or something. Mere advises her to check out an article she read about creating artificial blood vessels for patients whose own vessels have been tapped out, but Bailey busts in, and Brooks is like, "BYE, MOM, GOTTA GO" into the phone. She does manage to bring up the article idea to Bailey, so that's something.

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