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Stephanie finds Avery looking at slides in the lab and flirts with him about how he has his "Angry Avery" face on. He admits he's annoyed that his mom is on him about returning to Boston in the wake of all this turmoil at Seattle Grace. Stephanie also informs him that Hunt has pushed his rhinoplasty surgery off today's schedule, which gets Avery really mad. And kind of snappish with Stephanie, which is both not that cool and evidence of why personal workplace relationships are not great. Not that nine seasons of this show isn't enough of an example. Anyway, Avery grumbles that his mom might actually have a point.

Ah, once again, The Interminable Adventures of Alex and Jo. This week, they'll be removing a tumor from a kid's abdomen. The family is holding a pre-surgery celebration for the kid, Bobby, complete with a banner that says "ADIOS, PHIL." Alex is playing things up, talking about how he's going to take Phil, put him in a plastic bag, yank him out, and grind him into unrecognizable pieces. Bobby is super psyched at the grossness of all this. The mom pulls Jo aside and explains that they found the mass when Bobby was six, and he misheard and thought there was a "man" inside him, so they anthropomorphized the tumor and named it Phil and now Bobby, in all his pre-adolescent boyness, is really excited for Alex to murder the tiny tumor man inside him. It's all very psychologically fraught if you think about it for more than two seconds, so don't. The whole point here is: Alex is cute with kids. You know, apparently.

Hunt and April are dealing with a particularly ornery patient who is back for his umpteenth surgery due to complications from earlier ones. He's pissed that it keeps coming to this. Owen tries to explain that this surgery will be the one that fixes everything. Smash shows up late, because he's been swamped with all this work, which doesn't do a ton to make Pissy Pete any happier. April finally is like, "Look, either you have the surgery, or else the blockages caused by your scar tissue remain blocked and then you die." That seems to be sufficient.

Dr. Webber is in the middle of surgery when Jackson joins him. He conspiratorially whispers to Webber, asking him what he knows that he's not saying. He figures a guy doesn't just go talking about "winds of change" and "standing firm" like Richard did in front of Catherine unless he knows something. Dropping his voice low, Richard tells Jackson about how he walked in on the Five plotting something last week, shortly before they all quit. When he asked what they were up to, "They slammed the door in my face like I was Diane Keaton at the end of The Godfather." Jackson takes it in, but you can tell he doesn't want to get too far-fetched. He guesses that Richard is the type who used to watch a lot of Unsolved Mysteries. Richard: "I solved three of them."

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