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Arizona and Derek are taking the lead in the presentation to Crest's Biz Dev people. They're talking about medical breakthroughs and such, but these people just want to look at the financials. All five doctors look kind of stricken when asks to talk numbers, but luckily Stan is armed with everything they need. Stan/Eddie Jemison may project a squirrelly air, but he seems like exactly the kind of guy you want backing you up. The Biz Dev folks are stone-faced as they check the handouts, but ultimately one of them gives a nod and texts something to Crest. And then they wait, and it is ENDLESS. Callie coughs one of those coughs that is only there to emphasize the silence. Finally, her phone chimes and it's Crest: he says he's sorry, but he's leaving this evening for Dubai. Kind of the ultimate good news/bad news, because he obviously liked it, but they can't wait for him to get back from Dubai. Fortunately, Crest beeps back again and says he can give them 15 minutes this afternoon.

Outside Seattle Grace, Cahill meets with Roberta Thompson, and things are very serious. Roberta talks obliquely about how she didn't think it would happen this way. She's going to convene a meeting of the board this afternoon, and she'd like Cahill to be there to break the news. Uh oh. She asks if Cahill's told Dr. Hunt. Cahill: "What? That Pegasus is buying his hospital for parts, liquidating its assets, and shutting it down? No, not yet." I appreciate the thoroughness of the exposition, Cahill, I really do. She's clearly not happy about it, but as Roberta reminds her, it's a deal and they desperately needed a deal. They walk into the hospital, and we see none other than Brooks has been on the other side of a pillar this whole time. How very Rome, hiding behind pillars and such to eavesdrop on the plans! On top of that, she's got Meredith on the phone.

After the break, Meredith has already broken the news to the Five. Callie is despondent that her bright idea is now going to cost everyone their jobs. Derek and Arizona try to talk her down, but Meredith says that IS actually what's happening, from Cahill's own mouth. Derek says their meeting with Crest is their only hope, and the group decides that they really have to nail the presentation. Which means, says Callie, not just handing him a packet filled with "Stan's boring crap." She makes sure Stan knows she meant no offense. "None taken," Stan says amiably. "It's interesting to me!" STAN! I love Stan. I also love that these five teachers-pet doctors have all come up with a plan to save the day, and that plan is to study their asses off, internalize every facet of the pitch, and blow Crest away with their smarts.

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