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Owen, April, and Smash are performing their very awkward surgery. Smash is being incredibly immature and pissy, pivoting off of the uncertainty of Hunt's non-guarantee that this surgery will work into uncertainty of any of Hunt's claims being true. Smash is basically being like, "You're a LIAR and you made Daddy leave us!" Finally, when Owen says if it doesn't work, they'll try again in six months. "BUT WE WON'T BE HERE IN SIX MONTHS," Smash practically cries. Owen initially brushes off the rumor, once April tells him, but when he assures the room that Pegasus IS buying the hospital and nobody's going anywhere, Smash straight up says, "You're lying!" Smash thinks Hunt is whitewashing, ultimately unveiling the part about Pegasus liquidating the hospital. Owen is stunned, particularly when Smash said this came from Cahill's own mouth. Owen excuses him from surgery -- April seems to get the severity of the situation and offers to take over -- and heads out to find Cahill. Smash snots that Owen lied and then ran away. "He didn't lie," April says, omitting the "you idiot" part. "He didn't know."

Alex and Jo are performing the tumor removal, and the thing where they bag the tumor inside the body and then suck out the bag through a tube IS pretty cool. Joe suggests recording the live feed for Bobby so he can witness the carnage, but Alex says he'd see that it wasn't an actual person, thus shattering his weird little illusion. Jo agrees, saying she's a grown adult and even she was hoping to see arms and eyeballs. This poor kid. All he ever wanted was an absorbed twin.

Avery is on the phone with the chief of plastic surgery in Boston. It seems like he's going to turn down the deal, but apparently the terms are quite attractive. Across the room, Stephanie watches him and dismays. When The Other One approaches with news of surgical scheduling, she notes the staring and remarks that Jo was right: she IS that girl. Stephanie knows it, too. Everybody else is worried about losing their jobs, and all she can think of is that she's going to have to stop sleeping with THAT. The Other One scoffs that the sex can't be that good. Stephanie orders her to LOOK at Jackson. Seriously, The Other One. You are a ridiculous person. Get out. TOO the tries to pin the history of feminism on Stephanie for her regressive behavior. Stephanie says TOO is one to talk, since she was hung up on Alex for weeks. TOO is like, "Yeah, but you don't want to be like me. You hate me." Stephanie is like, "Thanks. And I don't hate you." The Other One assures her that she does. She's not alone.

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