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As Richard and Arizona are working, she asks why he is there instead of Alex and boldly he answers that he picked Alex's pocket. This is not Alex's day -- he doesn't seem to get it at first and Richard just turns to incredulously ask if this is really twice in one day. He then tells Arizona that it was like taking candy from a baby, but quickly revises that because a baby at least puts up a bit of a fight. While Alex tries to figure out what is going on, the docs see a splash of urine that tells them that the transplant was a success and they all cheer.

As April closes up the patient, Teddy and Cristina are in the scrub room, still performing their horrific dance. Teddy has her eyes closed, walking through everything but this time, as Cristina talks, Teddy actually takes over for her and starts going through all of the steps. Even though we've clearly illustrated that you can't hear what's happening through the windows, April seems to sense what's going on and looks up to watch. Teddy starts to cry as she continues through the surgery and Cristina quietly agrees with each thing she says. Then, together, they quietly give the time of death. Teddy cries for a few moments until Cristina finally tells her she is sorry. Teddy turns on her and orders her to never apologize, because she was brilliant and did everything that Teddy would have done -- she WAS Teddy in there. And obviously Teddy needed to really, truly be sure of that before she could really accept what happened. "You were good, and you did it right. He just... he just..." She finally cries out, "He just died." Cristina, tears about to spill over, looks in the OR to see April crying as well. Teddy sobs while Cristina stands with her and waits.

Her surgery over, all the sponges cleaned up, Bailey goes back to the OR to go talk to Ben alone. She's kind of sheepish about what happened but tells him quietly that she had the husband, baby and job and then it all fell apart, and then she got back on her feet and found Ben and then there was a shooting -- basically, she's terrified that something is going to mess up her life once again. He smiles at her and assures her that he is scared too, but can't it be in the same house? She thinks he's acting too much like this is an easy decision but he assures her that's not the case and suggests she start with a toothbrush. Methinks the whole day might have gone differently if he had led with that -- there is a whoooole lot of room in between a toothbrush and full cohabitation. But then again, what would we have done for an additional storyline since almost all of the other docs were helping on the same surgery? She's still nervous, and brings up the fact that she has a son. Ben feigns surprise, much to her annoyance. He then asks her who would win a fight between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Megalosaurus. She doesn't get his point and seems to think he has lost his mind as he goes into a long description of who would win and why. (For the record: T. Rex wins.) His point is that he and Tuck have spent tons of time together doing things like debating dinosaur fights, and that Ben loves that, and loves Tuck, and knows full well that when he says he wants her to move in, he knows she doesn't come without her son. Thinking he's gotten his point across nicely he leans in for a kiss, but she pulls away and starts to walk to the door. He's mystified, but then she tells him slowly that her toothbrush is in her locker. She then turns to leave, giving him a mock glare that's really a little bit of a smile, and he grins after her.

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