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Callie is finishing up in her own OR when Arizona dances in and happily talks about how awesome the surgery went today. Callie smiles at her and points out that she was a monster, but Arizona is having a good time playing the denial game and says she was just amped up and thinks people even found her helpful. She's not serious, right? Because she's playing this as gleefully oblivious. Well, that is until Callie decides to give her a taste of her own medicine -- she asks Arizona if she can turn on the humidifier in Sofia's room when she gets home, but then when Arizona tries to answer she cuts her off to give more and more instructions, getting more and more ridiculously nitpicky until she's yelling repeatedly about which side of a particular blanket should be face-up on her bed. Arizona finally concedes that in fact, she was a monster. But that's all Callie wanted, and she's happy to forgive and go check on the twins with her.

Mere's voiceover laments that in life there are no do-overs. Richard walks past Alex, who explodes at the former chief, yelling that this is a teaching hospital so he should be teaching and not stealing surgeries. Richard drily points out that he's pretty sure he did in fact teach Alex something today; he orders Alex to never give up a once-in-a-lifetime (drink!) surgery for any reason, ever. He then turns to leave but warns Alex to watch his back in case he has any lessons to teach tomorrow.

Lexie walks past Mark and as she does, he says that he wishes she could have been in there with him. She is thrilled that she's finally hearing what she's been longing for and turns, breathily asking, "Really? Me too!" Unfortunately, she then sees the bluetooth in his ear and realizes far too late that he's talking to Julia. She quickly tells him she was hearing things and having a bad day and then scurries off, while he just looks confused and keeps talking to his girlfriend. I don't believe for a second that he wouldn't pick up on the fact that she has feelings for him again so for now I'm going to assume he either didn't really hear what she said with Julia talking in his ear or that he is somehow now 100% over her and truly isn't affected by it. Julia's nice and all, but I'm rooting for the former and that we might see some movement towards a Mark-Lexie reconciliation this season.

Mere continues that every day is a real, live performance. I thought the babies were going to the PICU but Andi is already in a regular hospital room and Derek is explaining that they will need rehab but that things look good. Owen then arrives with a team wheeling in Brandi to join the party. Gretchen and Pete cry with happiness as they gaze at their healthy, separated daughters.

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