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Derek and Mere are back at home with Zola, who is playing with toys while they put on the video of her from that morning and coo over how much bigger she seems just in the one day. They specifically say that this is the same day, but the sun was rising before the surgery started, and Owen said it would take at least 18 hours, and then there were complications... whatever. I know better than to delve too deeply into the details of the Grey's timeline. As the two of them watch the TV, a little head goes by and they realize that Zola is taking her first steps. She's actually rather spectacular, walking all over the room without missing a beat, which isn't really what happens when a baby takes her first steps but I'm intoxicated by her smile so I'm going with it. She's a genius baby! Derek frantically tries to turn on the video camera to catch the moment and Zola pauses to give them a look like they are lunatics as they freak out at their inability to get it working. As Meredith cheers her and Derek laughs at himself for missing it, Mere's VO points out that even when we get the chance to rehearse, we're still never quite ready for life's grand moments. Ah yes, but then life would be so boring!

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