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Separation Anxiety

As Mere and Bailey's patient is wheeled away, Mere tells Bailey she's going to duck out for a moment before the next one is brought in. Bailey freaks out, not wanting her to leave, but Mere finally points out that Ben is a nice man and she'll be okay with him for a half hour. With the buffer gone, Ben comes over to continue the dreaded conversation. Bailey pleads with him, wondering why he'd want to rush and possibly screw up the good thing that they have going? He tells her that they aren't kids, and life is happening right now and he wants to share it with her. He then can't help throwing in a little emotional manipulation, saying that if she doesn't think the same thing then maybe they aren't right for each other. Bailey still hedges, and so he tells her he got his answer and walks off. However, upbeat, kooky music is playing so we know not to take this as him seriously leaving her.

The gallery is nearly full but Mere, carrying Zola, is able to find a seat and the walk gives her a chance to show off her cute baby to everyone. She then tells Zola that her daddy is down there working and we all take a moment to marvel at what a happy family they now are. Alex is still complaining about Richard stealing his procedure, but the others basically ignore him. April then leans over to Cristina and tells her she thinks what Teddy is doing is awful. Cristina quietly tells her that it's fine but April can't let it go and continues to say how horrible it is. There's some back and forth with Jackson pointing out that it's horrible to have a dead husband, but Cristina tries to stop the whole conversation by continuing to insist she is fine. When Meredith tells her that after two weeks it must be getting to her, Cristina tells her that she can handle it. Everyone is finally distracted by what is going on down below.

Complications have arisen and Derek and Callie are trying to figure out what to do. Arizona can't help herself and keeps butting in, offering feedback to each thing they suggest. Callie calmly reminds her that they are aware of the situation but Arizona still continues to butt in so that the doctors who are actually working together on the babies can't have a conversation with each other. Callie finally has to lecture Arizona that they know full well what horrible things might happen, and that's why they are working to make a decision on how to fix it. She pointedly asks Arizona if she is fine with that. Arizona is very clearly not, but realizes that she can't do anything but agree. Derek then orders everyone in the OR to stop talking altogether so that they can work.

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