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Separation Anxiety

A new patient is brought in for Teddy and April asks hopefully if Cristina is scrubbing in this time; simultaneously, she and Teddy both answer, "No." Cristina is resigned to her role and waits until Teddy tells her to start over once again. April heaves a sigh.

Mere gets back in time for the next surgery, as promised, and when Ben asks her how lunch was she brags that she was able to get a sandwich, see her daughter, see her husband, watch some of the once-in-a-lifetime (this should have been some sort of drinking game) surgery and be back in time for her own work. Ben thinks she has it all, and she agrees. Bailey, finishing up the surgery, tries to get them to stop and then announces she's ready to close. Ben, his maturity level sinking by the moment, says he'd say they should grab a drink to celebrate but she has no room for joy in her life. Ben, I love you. Don't make me regret that. Bailey's had enough, and she starts in on one of her patented rants: She just wants to focus in the workplace and she does focus, like a laser, so she doesn't make mistakes like all of her sex-obsessed colleagues. But just as she brags that she is neither sloppy nor careless, one of the nurses says they can't find a sponge. Bailey can't hear her on account of all of her self-righteousness drowning everything else out. Finally, they manage to cut into her speech and tell her that the only place they haven't looked is inside the patient. Ben can't help but give her a very pointed look about her lack of mistakes.

Once Arizona and the others determine that Brandi's kidney is truly dead, Alex has an inspired (but really, isn't it kind of obvious if one twin has no kidneys and the other has two? Okay, fine, Alex is a genius, we'll go with it) idea that since Andi got two kidneys, they can do a transplant. Because they are identical twins and in fact used to share all of these kidneys there would be no need for immunosuppressants. Arizona thinks this is brilliant and tells him since this is his idea, he can go make it happen. Richard pointedly watches him go.

Unfortunately, it's kind of awkward timing because Andi is just being wheeled to the PICU as her surgery is all done, and Gretchen and Pete are seeing her for the first time before they take her up. Gretchen is still sick with worry about Brandi and cries that she can't see Andi without her sister. She won't have to do it for long, though, because Alex runs out and tells them that they need Andi back to do a kidney transplant. This sends Gretchen into even further panic as she cries that she can't lose both of her girls. Pete just holds her while Lexie stands with them, kind of helpless.

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