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Zombies and Witches and Mad Scientists, Oh My!
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With this episode airing on Halloween, the soundtrack gets a little spooky and we see the wind swirling some dead leaves out on the street. Leah wakes up in Arizona's bed, so I guess she really was ready to take it to the next level as promised, and she tries to sneak out and get dressed but Arizona wakes up and sees her. Leah apologizes profusely for staying over since that's not what a booty call is supposed to do, but Arizona repeatedly assures her that it's fine. Leah continues to insist that this time around it's going to be totally casual and she's going to be Ms. "easy peasy lemon squeezy." With excuses including needing to find a costume for a party at Joe's that night, she bolts out the door as Arizona offers breakfast. Mere tells us that each Halloween we have to make a choice about what kind of costume we're going to wear. Well, if you are going to a Halloween party then yes, that is true.

Derek and Meredith run into each other in the hallway and she hands off Zola's Halloween butterfly wings so that he can repair a tear in one, because Mere is too busy with surgeries and ordering a 3D printer for her research since her grant request was approved. Derek is working on his own research and the two are all cutesy and in love and making it work. Mere then runs into Alex and asks if he has the house ready – since she asks about candy, pumpkins and spiderwebs one can only assume this is for a Halloween party. Alex is just happy that he got a keg. (At least, that's what I think he said, though that's an awful lot of beer for what turns out to be a small-ish get-together.) (Spoiler!) Cristina overhears this and asks about a party, and Mere explains that since they have no neighbors at their house, she got Alex to let them use her old house for a party with other kids from the daycare and as a trick-or-treating base. She's surprised he didn't mention it to Cristina, but quickly tells her she can come in a tone that is super overcompensating for the awkwardness of the situation. She supposes Cristina might not want to come anyway since it will be full of kids, and Cristina makes a stilted comment about how she hates children (in more of a "this is the theme of my life now" way rather than an actual children-detesting way), but she does love Mere's kids. Mere finally apologizes and it's the first time she's sounded normal as she tells Cristina she should come by for a drink. She then VOs that she's trying to be a superhero this year. You know, because she's Doing It All Despite What Cristina Thinks.

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