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What? No Cyndi?

George marches into Izzie's procedure room. Izzie is now laying on her stomach, and a doctor is draping her back with surgical towels. (Or whatever those blue cloth/paper things are called.) Bailey and Izzie both tell George to get the hell out, but he refuses. He bends down so his head is next to Izzie's and lets her know that he's glad that nothing is wrong with her. (Somehow he figures out that she was donating bone marrow.) He tells Bailey that she can leave. She does not strike him down where he stands, but just tells Izzie, "Fine. Stevens, I'm going, unless you need me to call security." Izzie thanks Bailey as she walks out the door. George crouches down so he's at Izzie's head level and tells her, "You didn't tell me you were having a hole drilled in your damn hip. For who?" She refuses to answer, and the doctor performing the procedure starts drilling a hole in her damn hip. Ouch.

Callie wanders into the clinic and looks around. Meredith walks up to her and tries to palm off some patients, but Callie explains that she's not there to work (and that she hasn't slept in two days), and asks where George is. Because it's time for their coffee date. Meredith explains that he's with Izzie, without clarifying that he's holding her hand through a painful medical procedure. And then she takes the charts back and wanders away.

It's the piggyback surgery. Burke and Marlowe are both cutting away when Marlowe criticizes Burke's surgical decisions. Marlowe essentially orders Burke to stop cutting and just observe. You know, I would think that peeing all over the patient during the surgery wouldn't be very hygienic, but if that's how Marlowe has to mark his territory....

The hip-drilling is finished and Izzie is sitting up and trying to pull her pants on with one numb hand. George is trying to get her to agree to use a wheelchair until she has sensation in her spine and control over her limbs, but Izzie is way too hardcore for that. She claims that she's fine, but George notes that she can't even get her pants on. So George comes over and slowly pulls her pants up for her. The camera lingers on his hands slowly ascending to her lady bits, and it totally creeps me out. Friends can help each other put their pants on, but maybe not the friends who've had shameful adulterous trysts. Izzie at least pushes him away when it's time to tie the drawstring. And then she sits back down and he starts to untie the top of her smock. That's when she tells him that she donated the bone marrow to help out her eleven-year-old daughter. She explains about the adoption and about how her daughter is sick, and then she tells George that Hannah refused to meet her. George is speechless. Izzie: "I didn't think I really cared. And then she said 'no.' How about that?" George still says nothing, and then Izzie tells him that no matter how much she confesses and prays, she still misses him. She tells him that she can live without the sex, but "I won't make it if you can't be my friend." George finally breaks his silence and tells her that she should be proud of donating marrow for her daughter. And then he tells her that he'll get an orderly to take her downstairs: "But I have to go. You understand?" Izzie nods, but she's still crying hard.

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