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What? No Cyndi?

A very tired and confused (but still hot) Callie is standing in the lobby. George emerges from the elevator, sees her, and instantly realizes that he forgot their coffee date. He apologizes and makes vague excuses. And when she presses for more detail, he lies and tells her he was taking care of patients. She looks hurt, but she accepts the lie and tells him that she'll see him at home. You know, at this point I'm starting to feel like Callie would've been better off with Mark. He's an asshole, but at least he's honest.

Crush is playing solitaire when Alex walks into her room. He comments on the game, and she tells him, "My dad taught me. That sounds so weird. 'My dad.' Good weird, though." She asks if she can go home with her "parents." Alex hesitates, and then calls her Ava. She immediately starts to freak out. The accident may have given Crush amnesia, but I think it also gave her the power to instantly jump to the correct conclusion. She realizes that Mr. and Mrs. Waring have gone, and she tells him, "Those are supposed to be my people. I belong with them, Alex. I'm supposed to go with them." He tries to comfort her, but she accuses him of not wanting her to find her family so he can keep her all to himself. Which, you know, seems kind of true. Crush: "Isn't it sad that I'm the best you can do?" Very. He calls her "Ava" again, and she starts screaming at him and telling him to go.

Mere's V.O. tells us, "Some people say that without history, our lives are nothing." The rest of the V.O. is pointless, so I'm skipping it. Richard and Mark walk into a bar. The Chief wonders why the hell Mark dragged him there. Mark talks about "the ladies," and Richard comes to a conclusion: "You think if you get me laid, I might make you Chief." Mark doesn't deny it.

At the Burke/Yang household, Cristina is brushing her teeth when Burke tells her that Marlowe has left the hospital. He congratulates her on the effectiveness of the niceness offensive, and tells her that she can go back to being herself. Cristina looks like she's thinking just a little bit of not going back to that.

In his trailer, Derek mopes around on his couch. His cell phone rings, but he ignores it. The caller is Meredith, who's sitting around on her couch. There's a roaring fire in the fireplace. I love that these people apparently can't buy groceries, but they always have firewood. Meredith hangs up the phone, and her doorbell rings. Maybe it's the firewood deliveryman. Actually, it's Susan. Meredith: "Seriously." Susan: "Okay. That stops, right now." I think you have to tell the writers that, Susan. Meredith tries to brush Susan off, but she demands to be let in. Meredith is shocked to meet someone as rude as she is, but Susan tells her, "It's freezing out here, and I have been working myself up to saying this, well, for a while now. So I need you to let me in now, please." Meredith does. And what is it that Susan has to tell Meredith? It's that she feels that she's the reason Thatcher ignored his daughter, because she was in a new marriage with him and wanted him to focus on that. But did she actually interfere with his relationship with Meredith? No, she just didn't push him to be a better father. So he was a lump, and she let him be a lump. I'm still thinking the blame belongs with Thatcher. Meredith doesn't say anything, and Susan tells her that she's just trying to be there for Meredith in the only way she knows how. "And if you can't accept that, fine. But just stop being so rude." Meredith smiles a little bit, and Susan thinks she's coming on too strong. I think she crossed that line at the top of the episode. But Meredith tells her, "As mothers go, I've only known overbearing, never overprotective. This is a little new. It's okay."

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