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What? No Cyndi?

Back at the bar, Mark is talking Richard up to a fine young thing. Richard is still pretty lousy at flirting. So Mark leaves him on his own with the FYT. Richard falls back on cliché and asks her if she comes there often. She tells him, "Sometimes. It's on my way home from bio class." Richard chokes on his drink when he realizes how Y the FYT is. He's rescued when Addison sits next to him. He wishes the FYT well and turns his attention to Addison. Richard: "The last time I tried to pick up a woman, I had a Harvey Wallbanger in one hand and an afro pick in the other." Hott. She tells him to practice on her. He resists, but she tells him, "Mark's right. I mean, he's wrong about so many things, but he is right about this. You need to get back out there. So, practice." He doesn't know where to start, so she tells him to start by dancing with her. He notes that there's no dance floor, but she tells him to ask her anyway. So then they start dancing like giant dorks. If this were New York in the '90s, Rudy Giuliani would burst through the doors and shut down the bar over this. Credits.

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