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What? No Cyndi?

At the hospital, a rather fetching young woman saunters onto the elevator with Richard. Hey, it's Carol. She tells Richard she likes his sweater, and he seems completely shocked at the notion that someone might notice what clothes he's wearing. We also see that Mark is in the elevator, and he watches the ensuing scene with some interest. Richard, after recovering from his shock, mutters, "My wife." Carol wonders what he's talking about, and he tells her that the sweater was a gift from his wife. And then he tells her that it's actually his ex-wife (so soon?), and that the divorce is amicable. Carol is getting more and more freaked out. He tells her that the divorce is friendly because he's a friendly guy. You say "friendly," I say "desperate." The elevator doors open and Carol runs off like her pants are on fire. Mark mocks Richard's feeble attempts at flirting and notes that Carol pressed the button for the fifth floor and got off at the third floor: "She'd rather walk up two flights of stairs than flirt with you. Hell, she'd rather climb up the outside of the building." Richard tells Mark, "I wasn't flirting." Mark: "You're telling me." And then Mark offers to be Richard's wing man. You know, way back when I was in college, I had this one acquaintance who was utterly beautiful and an utter asshole. It was always fun going to bars with him because he would attract these really cute guys who would eventually decide he was a jerk and turn to his more sympathetic friends for company. All I'm saying is, Richard might want to take Mark up on that offer.

Cristina looks at some X-rays while Marlowe says something smarmy about the surgery she just finished. Cristina: "Okay, you have officially become creepy. Creepy and stalking." She also tells him that she and Burke have set a date and are getting married in a month. He tells her, "We both know you're not the marrying kind." This is the surgical wing of a hospital -- shouldn't there be a scalpel around she can cut him with? He tells her that he wants her to know what she's giving up by marrying Burke and invites her to assist on some super-fancy cardiac surgery. Because I guess once she gets married she won't be allowed to operate on anyone, ever. Okay, maybe on ladies, but that's hardly real surgery. The surgery, by the way, is called "a piggyback transplant." He rubs in his cardio-godhood by pointing out that Burke will probably want to scrub in, "to see how it's done."

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