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What? No Cyndi?

Meredith and Cristina enter the locker room. Cristina is griping about Marlowe and starts to use a bunch of chess terms to describe her battle with him. Meredith looks a bit confused, and Cristina notes, "You've never played chess?" Meredith: "I'm not a geek." While Cristina makes plans to annihilate Marlowe, Meredith complains about Susan's constant drop-ins. Alex interrupts, "You may be confused because you were basically raised by wolves, but this is what mothers do. They stop by, they stock the fridge. Dude, you think she might do our laundry?" Mere: "Hey, get your own fake mom." That would go nicely with his fake girlfriend. George enters and immediately notices Callie stretched out on a bench. I did not see her there until this. He asks if she had a bad night on call, and she complains about some abscess bursting all over her. And then Izzie walks in with her hair up in this severe bun, wearing a very white coat and saying the rosary. She looks like Eva Peron. Or a nun. Who sometimes poses for lingerie ads. Meredith and Alex both notice her freakish behavior and ask if she just came from confession. Alex: "Izzie Stevens does penance. You did something bad." I guess sleeping with your married friend requires a higher level of public remorse than, you know, killing your fiancé. As Izzie walks out of the room, George offers to make a coffee date with Callie. She can't help but notice the strange looks George and Izzie are giving each other. She ignores them, and thanks George for being so thoughtful.

Everyone is gathered around Crush's bed while Mark unwraps the gauze covering her face. Everyone talks about how beautiful she is. Eh. She's okay, I guess. I suspect they're all just sucking up to Mark. We do learn that the plan is to take some pictures of her to circulate in the media in an attempt to find her family or anyone who knows her. She wonders how people will recognize her with her new face, but Mark tells her that the bone structure is mostly the same, and her hair and eyes haven't changed at all.

George and Izzie are standing at a desk in the hallway. She's extolling the virtues of confession, telling George that it wipes away the sin as though it never happened. Except, of course, that you still have to deal with all of the consequences of whatever you sin was. Which is why your dead fiancé is still dead, Izzie. Izzie thinks that her newly confessed state means that George can stop avoiding her, but he tells her that he's going to do just that "until this whole thing blows over." They're in the clinic, and he calls out a patient's name. Izzie follows him and asks him what he means when he says "blows over." He tells her that after he had the wrong, wrong sex with Meredith, it all eventually blew over. Izzie: "You mean the sad sex? The sad, tragic, depression-inducing sex you had with Meredith is the same as [what we did]?" Actually, Izzie, the sad, tragic sex was better than what you and George did, because it was at least preceded by some indication that George was attracted to Meredith and the two of them had at least some degree of romantic chemistry. George tells Izzie to just back off, and then leaves to find his patient.

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