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What? No Cyndi?

Derek runs into Meredith in a hallway and asks how she's doing. She tells him she's in a horrible mood: "I yelled at Susan. I think I scared off my fake mommy forever." He asks if she needs some cheering up. I think he means the dirty-loving-in-the-supply-closet kind of cheering up. I wish I worked at a place where there were available men and empty supply closets. I wonder if it's too late to have some installed in TWoP Tower? Meredith leers at Derek and tells him that she's fine on the cheering up front, and they hug. Richard sees them from down the hallway and looks distressed. Richard walks away, unseen by our protagonists, and Meredith asks Derek how his conversation went with the Chief. He tells her it sucked. Meredith: "Wow, we make a good team." With one last leer, she walks away.

Alex walks up to Meredith and Cristina in the clinic and tells them that he's been waiting in Really Old Guy's room for twenty minutes to eat lunch. Meredith and Cristina announce that they decided to eat lunch in the clinic. George, who's actually working, tries to get them to move out of his way and then asks if they know what's wrong with Izzie. Meredith tells him to ask Izzie himself. George: "Fine. I would if I knew where she was." Meredith picks up a cup of yogurt and notices Cristina's painted nails. She asks what's going on, and Cristina tells her, "I'm trying to scare away Cardio God." Mere: "With pretty, pretty fingers?" Cristina claims this is actually a chess move. Ah yes, the famous L'Oreal gambit. And then she tries to shift focus to Alex (whom she calls "Pouty Head"), asking if he's upset because Crush is being taken away by her family. Meredith is genuinely happy to hear this good news, noting how relieved Crush must feel. Cristina points out that it's only good news if Crush's "parents" aren't "psycho killers." Meredith: "Or over-sharers." Alex sullenly denies caring about Crush in any way, shape, or form.

Elsewhere in the clinic, George sees Bailey and runs over to ask her what's going on with Izzie. She tells him to bug off, and he "demands" to know. Bailey: "I hope I didn't just hear you say you demand. Are you her father? Are you her husband? Then stay here and keep your mind on your job." And then, while George is standing about ten feet away, Bailey asks Meredith to run a sample to the lab, get the results, and bring them to Bailey. Meredith sees Izzie's name on the sample and asks what's going on. Bailey: "You will be discreet and not ask a bunch of questions." Bailey, have you met Meredith? Bailey tells Mere that it's a private matter and sends her off to the lab. George has seen all of this, although it's not clear how much he overheard.

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