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Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, George and Izzie had sex. Some other stuff happened too, but the image of the very, very wrong sex has pushed everything else out of my brain.

We start with a little surgo-montage. Meredith's voice-over tells us that a patient's history is just as important as their symptoms, while we watch Burke and Cristina operate on some dude. Unfortunately, they spend more time making goo-goo eyes at each other than they do actually looking at the patient, so I don't think he has the best chance of making it out of this one alive. Mere's V.O. continues nattering on, telling us that ignoring a patient's history, or having the wrong facts about a patient's history, can mean the difference between life and death. And I was right about the patient -- one of the two surgeons does something that causes lots of beeping and a gusher of blood shooting out of his chest. It kind of makes me think of Jed Clampett. Red gold! Texas t-cells! There's hemoglobin in them thar hills! And speaking of death (which the V.O. was just doing), Cristina looks up at the gallery and sees creepy old man Colin Marlowe staring down at her. He seems unnaturally pleased by the sight of the patient bleeding out.

At Casa Grey, Susan (Meredith's step-mother) is...putting groceries away? While Derek sits on his ass and drinks coffee. He tells her, "Meredith, she'll accept a certain amount of help and then she starts to feel suffocated." Hey, Derek, you know who might also appreciate a certain amount of help? The woman currently putting the groceries away. Get off your perky ass, lazy. Susan worries that she's suffocated Meredith. Derek, who is going to be eating at least some of the free food, tells Susan that the groceries are just fine. In fact, he's more worried that he's going to suffocate Meredith. By helping her, I mean. Not by covering her tiny head with a pillow in the middle of the night. Susan thinks that it makes sense for Derek to want to help Meredith after everything that's happened. She also lets us know that she's given Meredith "some time" after her mother's death, so I'm assuming at least a couple of weeks have gone by since the last episodes. Meredith enters the kitchen and wonders if the huge mountain of food all came from Susan. Susan: "I just picked up some things to restock your fridge." And your cabinets, bread box, and spice rack. Meredith: "You bought groceries every week." Derek: "Yeah, you have to do it every week if you want more." And this is where Derek and Susan start to get a creepy, co-parental vibe to their interaction with Meredith, as they give each other this glance that just screams, "Kids today." Alex walks in and is pleased by the grocery haul. Derek announces that he's leaving because he wants to try to speak to Richard about the Chief of Surgery thing before things get too busy at the hospital. He asks Meredith to wish him luck. Susan: "You don't need it. Just make him listen to you. You deserve to be Chief." And once again she sounds more like Derek's wife and less like Meredith's stepmother.

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