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Time Has Come Today

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Time Has Come Today

Omar calls to Bailey again from inside his room. He's much less panicky than before. He tells Bailey he's feeling better -- the fever broke, which is good, right? Bailey appears to be in shock, and she says that's good. Omar asks about his wife, and wonders if she's asking for him. She tells him that Gisele being exposed to the complicated things. Omar's not smiling anymore. "Complicated what things?" Bailey can't even look at him. "We did everything we could. I'm so sorry." Omar starts screaming "no!" and THEN he starts hyperventilating. Bad combination! Bad! Bailey tells him to breathe, and tries to get in the door. Giant White Space Suit Guy stops her. "He can't breathe! Someone has to go in there!" Bailey screams. Omar hyper-hyperventilates as we go to commercial.

Back: from commercials. Omar: still hyperventilating. Bailey: still yelling for him to breathe. Omar pants in between breaths, "My wife. I need my wife. I need Gisele!" Bailey tells Omar to look at her. When he won't, she pounds on the door. "LOOK. AT. ME!" Who can ignore Bailey when she's emphatic? No one. Omar looks at her. She tells him to put his hand against the glass, where she's placed hers. "Omar! Look at my hand. Put your hand on my hand." Omar, weeping now, puts his hand up to Bailey's. Bailey says that's good, he's doing real good. "Can you remember my name? Can you tell me my name?" He says it's Miranda. Bailey nods and says that's right, that's good. He cries, "I want Gisele. I have to save her. Please let me out of here." Bailey says she wishes she could help him. "I wish I could turn back the clock and make it yesterday. You don't know how much I wish that, but...I can't turn back time." Omar says he shouldn't have let her drive; he should have taken over. Bailey says she knows. Omar cries harder. Bailey: "Come on. I know. I should have taken over too, but..." Aw, Bailey. Damn it! Bailey tells Omar that you can't go back, and even if she could let him out of the room, he couldn't help Gisele now. Omar asks Bailey if she believes in God, and she has to put her head down to hide her own tears. "Do you believe in the afterlife?" he asks again. Bailey says she has to believe, with what she does. "I have to believe that when our time comes, that we go to a place...a beautiful place. A better place." Omar just loses it as Bailey is saying this, and slides down to the floor, unable to stand the grief.

George is getting nervous. He tells McDreamy that he can't believe that woman actually died, and now he's all sweaty and hot. McDreamy: "That's because you're pacing." George says his pulse is rapid. McDreamy: "Because you're still pacing." Hee. George is all, "No, seriously. Feel me." McDreamy declines to feel him. Seriously. George calls him an ass. "You've lived! You've done things! And you got the hair! And the hot wife. And the beautiful ex-mistress who pined for you!" McDreamy ignores all of this, except the last part. "She's pining for me?" Oh, shut up. George says his point is, he's lived -- who cares if he dies? "But what if I die? What, this is it? Callie told me she loved me. I just sat there." He's sad because he wasn't ready, and now if he dies, he won't have a chance to tell her he loves her back. McDreamy asks if he does. George is all, "Maybe. Eventually. One day. I could. Soonish." McDreamy looks up from his magazine. "SOONISH? I will love you...soonish?" He laughs. Twice. George asks if he ever told Meredith that he loved her. McDreamy says no. George says he did. Ha! He says he knows it's different, with Callie... McDreamy says he should tell her, and do it soonish -- before it's too late. George: "You mean before I die of the plague?" McDreamy: "Before somebody else comes along." They have a little moment. It's sweet. Shut up.

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