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Time Has Come Today

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Time Has Come Today

Cristina walks into Burke's hospital room, where he's dressed in his dashing pajama set, reading the paper. He asks where she's been all day. Cristina says she's been sitting shiva for Denny, and asks how he is as she climbs into the bed with him. Burke doesn't answer her, just asks, "How are you?" and Cristina bursts into tears. She looks up at him and says, "Don't ever die." Burke nods and says he'll do his best. She rests her head on his chest, and MereVO says, "All any of us wants is more time."

Back to Izzie, still on the floor, and we immediately hear the ticking of a flashback. Izzie's at the intern party again. They're all getting ready to leave. Cristina walks out alone, and Alex walks out...with his arm around Nurse Olivia! Heeeee. Izzie walks out with George, grinning her ass off. "This is so cool. Can you believe it? Tomorrow we're gonna be surgeons." Back in the present, Izzie peels herself off the floor, as Meredith helps her. MereVO: "Time to stand up. Time to grow up." Izzie: "I'm ready." Meredith: "Okay." Izzie turns around, and Meredith helps her unzip her pretty pink prom dress. She voice-overs, "Time to let go. Time." And we fade out.

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