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Time Has Come Today

Meanwhile, her husband is still at the hospital. Webber sees him sitting around despondently, and asks if he's back already. McDreamy says he never left. He certainly came, though. I did not just say that. Webber says he's been there all night, too -- he wanted to see the autopsy on Denny. McDreamy abruptly changes the subject, because he doesn't care about anyone but himself: "Have you seen Meredith? Uh, Dr. Grey. Have you seen Dr. Grey?" Webber's all, "Why?" McDreamy asks him to get someone to cover his rounds so he can "take care of some stuff." Uh huh. Like the panties you lost, you freaky, freaky man? Before Webber can answer, Bailey interrupts. She asks McDreamy if he's free, because there's an incoming head trauma, and the pit is overcrowded with all the early flu sufferers. Damn medicine, always getting in the way of a good panty hunt!

The patient is Gisele Toussaint, 42, who was ejected from her car in an accident. Her head is totally busted. Gisele's husband Omar explains that they were coming to the ER anyway -- they couldn't shake this flu thing. She was better, so he let her drive. Gisele has no idea what's going on and starts talking about dancing. McDreamy says something about spinal fluid and tells George to get an OR ready. Gisele is all, "The dancing's so beautiful!" Omar sweetly tells her that she's beautiful, and then is overcome by a coughing fit. George discovers that Omar is burning up with fever, and McDreamy calls for someone to get him a bed.

Down in the pit, a paramedic rushes in with a tiny newborn, who he tells Alex was found in a trash can. Alex discovers that the umbilical cord is still attached, and that the baby is dehydrated. He says he needs to start an IV. Nurse Olivia walks over and just stands there, staring. Alex yells at her to help him with an IV; Olivia says she just came down to help with all the flu patients. Alex looks around and sees all the sick people coughing in the baby's direction, and gathers him up. "If you think I'm leaving this sick, premature infant down here in the ER..." Olivia tells him he can't just take the baby -- he has to be admitted! Why is she being so weird? Alex keeps on walking with the baby. He calls over his shoulder, "Page Addison Shepherd. Tell her to meet me in the NICU." Fade to the little, little credits.

When we return, Alex and Addison are in the NICU with the baby. Alex reports that the baby has some sort of platelet problem. Addie asks where the mother is. Alex: "I don't know. The baby was found in a trash can at a high school." Along with this, the baby has intra-abdominal bleeding. Fun! Addison freezes for a minute, clearly thinking about something else, then gives Alex a bunch of orders. She finishes by telling him to find out where the mother is, so she can test for maternal platelet antibodies. Alex asks if she can't just do surgery to fix the abdominal bleeding. Addison: "If I wanted to KILL him, I could do that." Olivia walks in to tell her that there are some people there...about the baby. Ominous!

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