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Time Has Come Today

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Time Has Come Today

McDreamy is still ransacking lockers, and now George has given up and joined him. McDreamy's found granola, cookies, and muffins in one locker. "Who eats this much?" George says that's Izzie's locker. Heh. He says she ate a lot, because it kept her energy up. He devours a container full of popcorn. McDreamy: "Eats. She didn't die." George says it feels a little like she did. "She's never coming back here," George says, as he munches on a gummi worm. "I don't think she's ever going to be the same." Man, doctors have really good snacks. McDreamy says there are moments -- split seconds -- when your life changes, and you'll never be the same. Webber suddenly calls them from the other side of the quarantine plastic, and while George goes over to ask him what's going on, Derek has a flashback.

Emerald City Bar. McDreamy sits alone at a table. He grins across the bar at Meredith, who's just ordered tequila. Joe the Bartender tells her she's going to be sorry in the morning. Meredith says she's always sorry in the morning, but tomorrow she starts her first day at work. "So keep them coming." Nice. She looks healthy and happy, and then here comes McDreamy to fuck up her whole world. He sweeps up to the bar in a cloud of hotness and orders a Scotch. He flirtily asks Meredith if this is a good place to hang out. Meredith says she wouldn't know -- she's never been there before. McDreamy says he hasn't either, because he's never been to Seattle. He's new in town, new job and all. Meredith tries her best to ignore him, and he says so. "You're ignoring me." Heh. Meredith says she's trying to. McDreamy tells her she shouldn't ignore him, because he's someone she needs to get to know to love. GAG! Meredith's all, "Really. So if I know you I'll love you?" Derek says yes. Mere: "You really like yourself, huh?" He says he's just hiding his pain. They laugh. McDreamy asks her what's her story. Meredith says she doesn't have a story; she's just a girl in a bar. McDreamy: "I'm just a guy in a bar." Uh huh. And probably a drunk one. If you're having a flashback and you're too drunk to remember it, did it really happen?

NICU. Addie stares down at the baby, exhausted. Alex asks how you don't know your own kid is pregnant. Addison: "You love your kids; you want to see the best in them." Alex volleys, "Okay, then how do you have a baby, and throw it in the trash can?" Addie says something happens, and you panic. You freeze, and want to pretend like it didn't happen. She gets that, she says. She just doesn't get what happens afterward. "I don't get how you go back to class and pretend everything's fine. Everything's NOT fine." Someone walks in and hands Alex the blood results. He announces that Karen and Lisa aren't a match. "And then there were two," Addie says, walking out of the room.

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