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Mere demands to know what Alex said to Janet and then immediately starts to dig her own grave as she tries to discredit Alex. He manages to cut her off so that Janet doesn't hear the whole sordid tale, and Janet just smiles at her and tells her happily that they are granting her and Derek temporary custody of Zola which will become permanent after a petition goes through. Alex is there as Zola's doctor to give an update on the baby's health, and she's doing great. Alex then walks Meredith through Zola's current condition like he would any parent but when he asks if Mere has any questions, she just stares, seemingly unable to process what is actually happening.

It seems even rock star trauma counselors can get beaten down by hours of death notifications. Andrew pages Teddy and tells her he just wanted to see her since when something like this happens you just want to be with someone you love. He gives her a big hug, but she is starting to look a little bit vexed. He tells her that they are on a flight the next morning and suggests they spend the night in a fancy hotel in a nice bath. She seems a little bit stunned, and he asks her if she is okay.

Meredith is gazing at Zola through the window while she leaves what sounds like the latest in a string of message for Derek. She tells him that this is important and reminds him that she is, in fact, his wife and she needs him to call her back. I mean, seriously, didn't Derek know that Janet would be trying to reach them? He's been ever-present for the whole process, so it's strangely convenient now that he just chooses to vanish and Janet seems only to have Meredith's cell number on the day that big news arrives. He may think Mere's a crappy mother but I figured he was still in love with the adorable baby.

Sarah's temporary extended family is waiting in the cafeteria when a frazzled woman runs in, saying her daughter was in the crash. This is Sarah's mother, Mrs. Gordon, and the woman who wanted to stay (Who I think, from what I can find online, is named Gilda? But I didn't catch that during the episode. Oh well, Gilda it is so that we don't get into awkward pronoun overload. If Gilda is actually another character, I apologize profusely.) greets her and explains that the doctors are giving them updates and should be here any moment. Someone goes to get Mrs G coffee as she sits down, confused. Gilda explains that they knew Sarah was alone and as a parent, she thought the girl should have someone there with her. Lexie walks in and sits down quietly, like she's trying not to disturb frightened animals, as the woman takes Mrs. Gordon's hand.

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