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Lexie is getting a snack from the machine when Mark walks up and asks how she's doing. She's in no mood for it but Mark presses, knowing she has to be down after sitting with the families all day. She doesn't answer this but just turns and orders him to stop talking to her and to Avery. Mark's head drops and Lexie finally admits that she still loves Mark but she doesn't want to, because she's with Avery and Avery makes her happy. She essentially gives Mark an in by admitting that if he presses hard enough, she'll go back to him but she doesn't want to, and Mark finally says that she is right and apologizes. As if she didn't hear she goes on to remind Mark that he got a family like he wanted, so now he has to let her have what she wants. He repeats that she's right and asks if Avery told her that he's letting her go. Lexie says she heard about their conversation. "It's paternalistic and weird." Couldn't have said it better myself. She keeps staring at Mark and finally he has to tell her that he said he's letting her go, so she now has to walk away. It takes her a while to unglue her feet from the floor and force them away, having just been bested at her own game. I suspect that deep down, she still wanted Mark to try and win her back.

Avery, meanwhile, comes across April and congratulates her for becoming Chief Resident. I forget that these two really are friends; it's nice to see April get support from at least one of her peers though she apologizes to him since it means he didn't get it. He's fine with it, though, and they look through the window and see Lexie standing there. Avery dreamily tells April he has what he wants. April points out that it's kind of a miracle that after this year both of them are now happy at the hospital and have friends, and she adds that she can't believe they like her enough to make her Chief Resident. Avery is kind enough to not point out that truthfully, she only won because every other candidate managed to knock themselves out of the running and she was the only one left. He does, however, point out that everyone will hate her once again since now it's her job to boss them around. Amazingly, she somehow didn't realize this and is now horrified, but Jackson is too busy gazing at a smiling Lexie to notice.

Mere walks in the door of her house with Zola strapped to her chest, carrying armfuls of donated baby gear. She sweetly welcomes Zola to her new home and tells her about the house they are building while she walks through the house, turning on lights and calling for Derek. She tells Zola that they had a big plan to have a lullaby from Malawi playing when they brought her home so that she'd feel at home, but obviously that got scrapped and Mere can't remember any lullaby right now. Derek is nowhere to be found, nor are any of the other inhabitants. She goes into Alex's room and finds it empty, per her orders, but she's obviously sad and maybe wishes she hadn't been so rash now that she and Zola are alone. She tells the baby how glad she is that she is there, and that the two of them are a team, and tough, and will figure everything out and be okay. And while she's devastated inside she keeps it totally together and upbeat for the baby, displaying a maturity that I think will never cease to surprise me.

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