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One relationship now seriously in jeopardy; one to go. Cristina trudges up the stairs to her apartment, and she looks like walking death. This is where Sandra Oh is just amazing -- despite knowing just how much Cristina doesn't want anything to do with this baby it's still an awful and tough situation, and she looks like death and radiates grim exhaustion. Owen has been working at the table and when he looks up at her, she asks softly how much he loves her. He laughs like maybe this is a game but assures her he loves her very much, so Cristina asks him to remember that when she tells him that she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. At first, he's stunned beyond words, and she tells him she's sorry if it upsets him but she can't talk any more about it. She wants to go lie down but he finally finds his voice and begins to yell at her that this is a marriage, a partnership, and she can't make this kind of decision without him. She looks ill and keeps grabbing at her head -- I wondered for a moment if this season's cliffhanger might be her collapsing with some crazy undiagnosed disease, but I'll reassure you now that doesn't happen. Owen keeps yelling about making sacrifices and doing things for each other, but Cristina finally yells back that this isn't like making a compromise on what to have for dinner; you don't give a little on a baby. Finally, she hollers, "I am saying no!" He nods and turns away, then finally turns back to her and orders her out. She's appalled as she thinks this is because she is denying him a baby but, so he has to explain that it's actually because she denied him a part of the decision and therefore a part of their marriage. She winds up for an indignant comeback but he just yells again for her to get out.

Bailey is ready to leave for the night but when she tries to say goodnight to Eli he declares that he wants to go home with her, and his tone makes it sound like she doesn't have a choice. Look, I don't think we're supposed to think Eli is an asshole -- I think he's supposed to be the super hot nurse who figures out how to break down Bailey's emotional defenses. Maybe it's this guy's acting style? But his bossy, domineering manner makes me yearn for Bailey to put him in his place like she could do so well and so easily. I can tolerate a fairly high level of barbarian but everything he does rubs me the wrong way, especially because he's dealing with Bailey, who I love. She's surprised at his reaction and explains that she has her son with her but Eli just quips that he can meet her son; he doesn't bite. When she tries to tell him it's not the right time he lectures her that this is a relationship and they need to lean on each other when things get bad, which is a lesson that shouldn't hurt her son. Bailey is now rubbing her aching head like Cristina was earlier -- ah, now I know what that is! It's an outbreak of Difficult Relationship Problemitis. He adds that if she can't see all of that, this might not be the relationship for him. He promises to be good and not make any moves on her, and adds that she can tell Tuck whatever she wants about who he is. Finally, she cuts him off and agrees, and they walk off into the night holding hands.

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