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Alone Again (Naturally)

Someone unlocks Mere's front door but when she runs downstairs to see who it is, she's disappointed to find Cristina there instead of her husband. Mere tells Cristina that the hospital gave her a baby who is now asleep upstairs, so Cristina finally announces, "I'm getting an abortion and Owen just kicked me out of my house." Mere is appropriately shocked to learn Cristina is pregnant and tries to process this small avalanche of information while she asks why Cristina didn't tell her. Fortunately, this isn't the start of another big fight between these two -- Cristina just tells her sadly that she knew Mere was having a really busy day. Zola then starts to cry and Mere invites Cristina upstairs but a baby is the last thing she can deal with, and she goes to lie on the couch instead. Mere VOs that she didn't want to be alone because she thought it would make her happy, but that if she did love someone and it fell apart, she might not make it. And there we have the great risk of relationships, laid out in voiceover form.

Lucy finds Alex once again doing shots at the bar -- thank goodness he has no more secrets to spill. She pleads for him to tell her not to go to Africa. Owen's admonition about Alex not thinking his decision through could go for Lucy here, too. Fortunately, Alex tells her to go to hell.

Mere's VO continues that it's easier to be alone, because what if you find out that you need love and then it's gone? We have an End of Season Sad People Montage: Cristina is hugging a pillow to herself on the sofa much like she did at the beginning of the season, while elsewhere Owen stares at the wall. Mere is holding Zola and picks up her phone to make a call as her VO wonders if one can survive the pain of love ending.

As Mere compares losing love to dying, we see that Derek has retreated to his unfinished house and is about to curl up in a sleeping bag in the baby's future room. His phone rings but he rejects the call -- it's never clear if Mere left the news about Zola on a message or if she did, that he even listened to it. So he might not realize he's sulking while his wife is at home with his new baby. Thunder peals, and I hope he thought to bring an umbrella because while his principles might keep him warm, I don't think they'll keep him dry in a rainstorm. Mere finishes up that the only difference between the pain of a lost love and dying is that at least death ends, while pain can go on forever. Forever, or the length of the summer, at the very least.

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