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Teddy marches into Henry's room, all business, and gives him instructions on just what to say so that he's kept in the hospital and is at the top of the list when they start doing surgeries again. Henry's not so worried about that, but realizes that Teddy is now obviously working instead of leaving. She confirms that she and Andrew will stay and help out until it's over.

The ER is in chaos, but that's just from the doctors trying to get everything ready. Mark gripes to Owen about having to work with Avery but when he calls him an idiot quitter, Owen explains about Avery quitting Richard's trial so that he has a shot at a Harper Avery. Mark looks over and appears to see the pretty, green-eyed girlfriend thief in a new light.

Cristina takes a detour on the way to the blood bank to corner Alex while he's in the supply closet. Alex has the good grace to act sheepish, and he doesn't say a word as Cristina reminds him that Meredith was the only one who really cared about him and now he might have ruined her career. After promising that no one will ever rescue him from a burning building, she stalks out. And look, while I say that people aren't considering that Meredith probably had a good reason for what she did, I don't think it's fair to make Alex the bad guy here either. He told on Mere for the wrong, drunk, reason, but at the same time it's not his duty to cover up potential fraud in a clinical trial. Basically, it's just a shitty situation all the way around.

Lexie already has her hands full with the gathered families, who want more information than she has to give. Eli is helping her out and he tries his best to keep everyone calm and patient, but his mysterious love spell that works so well on Bailey doesn't really have an effect on people who might have just lost a family member. When one person demands to speak to Lexie's supervisor, Lexie has to be firm as she informs them that no one, supervisors included, have any idea what's going on. She seems to be struggling as she tries to keep everyone calm.

Alex finds Owen and tries to tell him that he only told on Mere because he was drunk and didn't want her to win Chief Resident, but Owen is unimpressed by this noble and passionate argument and points out that if Alex didn't think this through before he spilled the beans, he's as stupid as Meredith.

Bailey is in the hallway, having a moment where she tries to get control of herself. I figured at first that this was someone having a reaction to another large-scale trauma during a season finale, but it turns out that she's affected because the plane that crashed was a flight from Baltimore that she's taken many times herself with little Tuck. Eli asks her if she wants to sit down but Bailey wants to just stand there, and she seems slightly embarrassed while willing herself to stay calm. Eli tells her that he'd like to just stand there with her for a moment, then, and after she thinks about this a moment she nods and smiles a bit at him.

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