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Cristina is talking to a very sweet airhead who is there to give blood, and when she asks the girl if there is a chance she is pregnant, the girl realizes she doesn't know. As Cristina tells her tricks to try and remember when her last period might have been the girl hilariously gapes -- I mean, seriously, mouth wide open, eyes more glazed than a donut -- as she tries to think about it. She finally realizes, happily, that she can pinpoint her last period but while she's been gaping and musing, Cristina seems to have done some musing of her own. After a moment, she just walks away and out of the room while the confused girl yells after her. But come on, girl, use your sisterhood-ESP and you'll realize what just happened.

Lucy hasn't yet left on her African betrayal-cation and does an ultrasound for Cristina, telling her she thinks she is about six weeks pregnant. Cristina's body language -- most notably, her arms flung over her face -- and monosyllabic responses tell Lucy that this wasn't planned, but Cristina declines the offer to talk about her options.

Down in the ER, the docs are all sitting around in the eerily empty ER listening to the radio for updates and killing time as they wait for patients. Lexie can't believe there is no news yet, and Mark awesomely offers that she could play Angry Birds while they wait while he tells her that it takes a while to get that many people out of the water. Owen adds that setting up waterfront triage takes a long time, and then realizes that people will start to get hypothermic so April sprints away to go get blankets and heated IV liquids. Even the first time I watched this episode it seemed rather obvious what the lack of news might mean, but no one mentions it and I wonder if it's that no one wants to jinx anything and figures if they don't voice the worst, then the worst won't happen? With one notable exception, when jetliners crash there usually aren't a whole lot of actual survivors. Mark then asks Owen if he's posted Chief Resident yet and when Owen says no, Callie takes her one moment of airtime this week to mock-bicker with Arizona about if it will be Meredith or Alex. I guess we've seen so much of her lately that it was time to focus on some other characters to round out the month of May. Alex has been moping and tossing playing cards into a bedpan but is interrupted by Richard who comes over and demands a full report of everything Alex saw Mere do and when specifically he saw it. Alex tries to argue but he's immediately shut down.

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