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Avery comes in to get some more sedatives for family members and Mark chooses that moment to walk up and declare that Avery is a good man and, "Lexie's yours." Ew. He tells Avery to take care of her, and he will stay out of his way. Avery's confused and rather cockily points out that he already has Lexie, but... thanks? Mark sincerely tells Avery, "You're welcome." Boys are weird. I would think Mark is experienced enough to know that Avery had some confused sarcasm in that answer, but chose to ignore it. I don't know. I feel that this kind of exchange seems to only take place on the tee vee and then mostly between men trying to act manly. Across the room, Cristina walks up to Owen and tells him they need to talk.

They walk into an on-call room, Cristina looking stern yet nauseated. But since this is her look a lot of the time Owen doesn't realizing that it's serious and starts talking about ordering some food. In reply, Cristina announces that she is pregnant. It's actually quite a big step for her to have told him immediately what was going on, but that's as far as her maturity and giving goes. He's clearly happy but also tries to calm her; when he tries to touch her belly, though, she smacks his hand away and yells at him that there is no way she is doing this. They start to argue, and she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. Eventually, though, he reminds her that they are partners and asks if they can just think about this together. Dejected, she nods. He assures her that he loves her and wouldn't want to make her miserable and run away to Meredith, but this is all just a lead-up to his suggesting that this might not actually be the worst situation in the world. Cristina can't deal and just whines and yells like an angry teenager fighting with her mom. She point-blank tells him that she doesn't want a baby and he responds by pointing out that she already has one. She's aghast at this and accuses him of "going lifey" on her, and then tries to start a debate about when life actually begins. Her facade crumbles, though, and appears to feel pretty betrayed by his actually wanting her to think about having this child. She maintains that she doesn't hate kids and thinks that they deserve to have parents who want them. Owen pleads that he does want the kid and that one day she might too, but she's certain that is lunacy. Finally, though, after a lot of gentle pleading on his part, he convinces her to agree to just think about it with him before doing anything.

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