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Notification time has arrived; Lexie has three families to notify and frets that she's not sure she can go through this three times. I don't blame her. Avery assures her to take it a step at a time and then decides that she'll be cheered up by hearing about Mark's having "given" her to Avery that morning. I can't tell if he is doing this because he thinks Lexie will be appalled and it will be a knock against Sloan or if he's fishing for a reaction that will assure him that Lexie doesn't care about Mark anymore. Whatever his reasoning it works to get Lexie's mind off of the notifications for a second, though it seems to have been more because of horror than amusement. Andrew then comes out and tells them all that it's time.

The docs pile into the cafeteria en masse and then one at a time begin to call families forward. As they take them off to a private room the people who have been called are all smiling, and April realizes that they all think they are about to receive good news. I guess they don't notice that the doctors all seem gutted and many of them have tears in their eyes as they call out names.

Teddy goes to see Henry and brings some pudding to share, but Henry informs her coldly that his nurse can bring him snacks. She's looking for comfort after two hours of informing people that their family members are dead, and is confused that Henry isn't his usual self. What she didn't realize is that Henry's limit was reached when they had their first emotional goodbye, and he's over it now. He tells her that he tried to be a gentleman but now he just wants her to leave. Teddy thinks he's joking but Henry informs her that letting her go was the most painful thing he's ever done, and that's including all of his 82 surgeries. He lashes out that he's not her security blanket, he's in love with her, and now she just needs to go take herself off to Germany and leave him alone. She gets up and leaves the room crying with her pudding cups in hand.

Mark walks in to the ER to get some more meds and finds April there, and they talk about everything that's going on. They're both pretty depressed but then the ER phone rings and after April answers it, she turns and tells Mark, shocked, that there is one survivor after all.

Derek finds his wife in the locker room and asks if she's leaving, but Meredith informs him in a clipped tone that she didn't get fired, but she knows that is disappointing to him. Smug Wronged Derek of course doesn't take this well and informs her that while the fact that Mere helped Adele changes things for Richard, it doesn't for him. Derek must never get cold in his life with all of his absolute knowledge of right and wrong to keep him warm. When Meredith has the nerve to snark that she knows this, Derek goes into full on pissypants mode as he yells at her that she couldn't possibly understand or she never would have done what she did. He actually has the nerve to then ask Meredith with a shake of his head how it's possible that she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. Come on, Derek, really? There isn't one tiny shred of you that, even if you think it's wrong, understand where Meredith is coming from? We were making such progress on your attitude problem. Sigh. Meredith isn't about to take all of this and points out that she doesn't think things are always just right or wrong. It's not black and white, it's... GREY, get it?? Oh, I slay me. But seriously, this was the whole basis of the show in its early seasons: situations weren't always just black and white. She yells that this was, in fact, complicated, since it was Richard and Adele and since there was a drug that could help her, and that she's sorry she screwed up the trial but she would do it again. This isn't what Saint Derek wanted to hear from his wife and he finally tells her simply that he's not sure he can raise a child with someone who doesn't understand right and wrong. Well come on, Derek, you have enough moral superiority for both parents and could cover her share for sure. Meredith asks if he's really going to go there, but Derek tells her that she's been saying for weeks that she'd be a bad mother, and maybe she's right. Bring a shooter in the hospital right now, and I'm not so sure Meredith would try and jump in front of the gun again. Derek tells her that he needs time to think and leaves; as he does, Meredith gets a text from Janet saying they need to talk about the adoption.

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