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My Bloody Valentine

Valentine's Day is for jazzy, funny music! Over evening shots of Seattle, Mere tells us, "The surgical scalpel is made of sterilized, carbonized, stainless steel. This is a vast improvement over the first scalpel, which was pretty much a sharp stick. Medicine is constantly reinventing itself. That means surgeons have to keep reinventing themselves, too." Derek has reinvented his vehicle -- he's driving himself, Mere, Hunt and Cristina on a Valentine's double date in a Porsche Cayenne which feels about as far a cry from his old jeep as he could get. I guess he figured this was more Chiefly. The girls are not into this outing at all, and when Hunt dares to suggest that there's more to life than the hospital Cristina shuts him down. Mere then also corrects Derek when he suggests that this is romantic. All four of them perk up as an ambulance drives by, sirens blaring. Mere VOs: "There's constant pressure to adapt to changes. It can be a painful process. But without it, you'll find yourself moving backwards instead of forwards." When a whole line of ambulances follows the first, the guys insist to their drooling ladies that if it's important, they will be paged. A second later, their pagers erupt and the girls cheer as they turn around to head back to the hospital.

Callie is wiping the entire surgical board and explains to Bailey and Arizona that the roof of Grandinetti's (yes, let's spell it like that, shall we? It sounds right for a fictional Italian restaurant...) (yup, closed captions still only working some of the time) collapsed, and as it was a romantic restaurant and it's V-Day, it was packed. As the three walk and Callie gripes about how she knew this would happen, Arizona cheerfully reminds her that this is why they went to dinner early and exchanged gifts. In unison, she and Callie pull out silver necklaces and show them off to Bailey in a fit of delighted giggles. Bailey dryly informs them that she is squealing with joy. She doesn't put much stock in this fake holiday, and I tend to agree -- you're either single and made to feel kind of like a loser, or you're in a couple and face a ton of pressure to do the perfect thing that usually involves dinner at an overcrowded restaurant. And in this case then the roof of said overcrowded restaurant goes and collapses, which really puts a damper on a celebration of your love. Hot Dr. Warren walks up and tells Bailey he's sorry that their surgery was pushed, and then asks her to dinner. She shuts him right down saying she has surgery most nights, and so he stutters that maybe he'll see her in the OR. She doesn't answer, but when she and the girls get in the elevator Callie laughs as she comes to the realization that Bailey likes him. Bailey bites her lip and tries not to laugh while they giggle away behind her, and she finally gets a hold enough to demand that they stop the girl talk because she's busy. They manage it for a second before dissolving into giggles again while Bailey shakes her head.

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