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My Bloody Valentine

When she gets out of the elevator, Mark grabs Callie to ask her if she knows how to put a crib together. She's shocked at the question but he explains that Sloan is coming home, so he bought a crib, and it wobbles. Callie affectionately points out that he's become a "sweet nerdy dad." Mark then sees a blonde from behind who he doesn't recognize, and he becomes single dad on the prowl and excuses himself. He walks up and delivers a pick-up line, then jumps and screams when a newly-blonde Lexie turns around. She tells him that she made a change but then stops, realizing that he didn't recognize her and was therefore hitting on her. Mark tries to deny it and then tries to tell Lexie that she isn't a blonde, because blondes are either badass or fun, and that she's a brunette. Hey! On behalf of all badass, fun, and generally awesome brunettes out there I take issue with that. She's wearing a whole lot more eye makeup than usual but is actually pulling off the blonde way better than I would have thought after seeing a still picture of her about a week ago. Avery gives her a low, "Damn," after witnessing the exchange but she just snaps at him to shut up.

She walks up to Alex who starts and then stares at her, and she gripes at him to stop because she's probably changing it back. Alex is supportive in his own Alex way and says he understands that she got dumped and then went for the extreme makeover, that girls always do it. She corrects that she wasn't dumped, that she wanted to do something for herself on Valentine's Day, and he asks how that's different than what he just said. He leaves, and she declares to no one in particular that she's changing it back.

Mark and Hunt arrive at the ER right behind paramedics wheeling in a number of patients on stretchers, and Callie greets them to run down the list of things such as sucking chest wounds that await. April calls after them and Derek is surprised that she's still there, but she chirps determinedly that if he's there, she's there. She tells him that a rep from OSHA is waiting in the lobby and that the TV crews outside want a statement. Callie cuts back in to talk about the medical side of things, so April tries to talk over her and the two wind up shouting for Derek's attention before he quiets them and pointedly asks Callie who to see first. She sends him to a trauma room while April tries to get him to see the OSHA rep, but he goes in to deal with the patient while April looks on dejectedly.

Hunt is calling out instructions and Bailey runs by with a man who has a huge piece of window sticking out from his abdomen. A woman asks after them where they are taking her husband and Mere explains that they are going to surgery and will get an update soon. Teddy is there to examine the woman and tells Mere to put in a chest tube; as she runs out she runs smack into Owen, who looks shocked and kind of pissed, which in turn ticks Teddy off as he then flees.

Alex's patient, Emile, has a break that he needs reset, but Emile is less interested in his own problems and just asks Alex if he can be put in a bed next to the woman who just asked about her husband. Alex snorts that it doesn't work that way so Emile chuckles and reaches into his pocket, saying he was a head waiter for 25 years and knows how it works. He hands Alex a $50, and a now accommodating Alex says he will see what he can do.

On account of Valentine's Day, it seems that no kids were in the restaurant and Arizona consequently decides to play cupid since she doesn't have to really work. She finds Derek and asks him to switch Dr. Warren to Bailey's surgery but while he says he doesn't play cupid, she assures him he just has to be Chief while she plays cupid and he's distracted enough to just sign the paper. April then grabs him to give a statement to the reporters, and when he tries to say he has surgery April tells him that another doc can take the surgery and then reminds him that he has a trustee breakfast in the morning and the trustees will want to see his face on the news regarding the tragedy. He turns and looks longingly at the chaos as more paramedics run in with a guy with a severed arm. He clearly wants to follow the action but April snaps him out of it and helps him put his coat on to go greet the reporters outside.

Emile really does know how things work; he's now in the bed next to Mrs. Banks, the woman whose husband has the giant piece of window sticking from his abdomen. He asks if she can have some water but Mere says that she can't, and Mrs. Banks laughs and tells him to stop. She then explains to the doctors that she and her husband have gone to the restaurant for 15 years, every Friday night. Emile adds that they also come on Tuesday sometimes, and she says that he takes very good care of them but now it's time to look after himself. He's attentive, but there's a longing behind his voice that's also a little bit sad. He tells her that he thought she would want company until she found out that her husband was okay, and she thanks him sincerely.

The doctors walk outside and Alex comments that his patient is stalking Meredith's patient, and when Mere doesn't think it's that deep he shows her the $50 and says that Emile has the hots for Mrs. Banks. They spar back and forth a bit about what might happen and Alex cracks about her not being married, then offers to bet the $50 that Emile will make a move. She takes the bet, thinking that he won't, and says that she's married. Unfortunately for her, April walks up and refers to her as "Mrs. Shepherd," and Mere has to insist that she's Dr. Grey, not Mrs. Shepherd. April gets all flustered and stutters as she asks Mere about going to the trustee breakfast, and her stutter gets worse when Alex starts mocking her for being Derek's flunky. She tries to hold her head high as she says that she is on Derek's service and that during his transition to Chief he needed some help with the admin side of things. Mere pointedly doesn't look at her as April asks if she plans to go to the brunch with Derek or just meet him there. She admits that she's not sure she's going and when April laughs disbelievingly that she has to because she is his wife, Mere grins uncomfortably, obviously having not thought about this side of things.

Speaking of people who don't think, well, much at all -- Callie finds Sloan at the front desk and Sloan lies really badly about her flight being early and stammers that she didn't want to bug Mark. She then asks in her blunt, startled way if they have a clinic. Callie is worried that things aren't okay but Sloan says that they are, she just wants someone to check her out. Callie points out that the clinic closed an hour before, but that she has a moment and can do a quick ultrasound.

I was really confused as to why Arizona would be working with Hunt on the patient whose arm was severed, and then realized that it was Lexie. Hunt goes to look at the arm, which is totally contaminated as it was lying in dishwater for a while before someone found it. The guy, Frankie, says that they forgot he was there, and while Lexie tries kindly to assure him that they didn't, he assures her it's okay because he doesn't really like to talk to anyone, and they just bring him the dirty dishes. He's in shock that his arm is gone and tells Lexie sadly that he doesn't want to be a freak with only one arm since he doesn't like people staring. Lexie assures her that they will do all they can, and Hunt then comes back to take him to surgery to try and reattach it. He sends Lexie to go work with Avery to clean up the arm itself, and she really pointedly pulls her newly flaxen hair back in a ponytail so that Avery can call her "trauma room Barbie."

As Bailey works away on Mr. Banks (with Warren there as her anesthesiologist, of course) Arizona hangs out and chats about the restaurant being gone, asks Dr. Warren if he's been there, and then dreamily recalls how romantic the place was. Bailey is very pointedly ignoring her as she continues her musings, figuring it might be too much for a first date. She asks Bailey where she would go

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