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My Bloody Valentine

Mrs. Banks is in bed and seems kind of numb after the events of the day and then Emile's declaration of his decades-long love. Meredith is watching from outside and Alex joins her with some Valentine's chocolates he swiped from a coma patient. Ha! Oh, that's totally mean. But seriously, who gives chocolates to someone in a coma? That's a waste of delightful candy morsels. Mere updates him that she thinks Mrs. B. wants to say something, but Emile is sleeping. Cristina joins them and asks what they are doing, so they give her the story in a nutshell -- he loves her, will she say anything or will her boring husband die? Meredith adds that it's all okay because she and her husband are miserable, and then asks if this is what marriage turns into: running out of things to say and changing who you are? The other two tell her that it is, and Meredith counters that she didn't marry Derek to be the Chief's "arm candy," nor did she marry him for the good surgeries, as Cristina suggests. Mrs. Banks turns towards Emile and they are all excited, thinking she's about to say something, until Meredith realizes that she actually is struggling to breathe and they run in and yell for a crash cart.

Teddy thinks that Mrs. B. has an air leak in her chest tube and has Meredith sign them up for an OR just in case it doesn't get solved. In the next bed, Emile is clearly worried.

Lexie and Avery run into the OR clutching Frankie's arm and shout that they saved it and it's ready, but Hunt rains on their two-man parade when he announces that they have to amputate as there's too much wrong with the stump. Mark adds that they could push antibiotics and give the stump a few days but then the arm would be dead -- clearly this is for the viewers because the doctors would know that already without it being spelled out. Lexie is really upset and says to Avery that they could attach the arm to a healthy zone while the stump healed, so he challenges her to tell someone who matters, calling her "Mouse." He then shoves her forward and she blurts out her idea to Mark and Hunt, who are rather intrigued at the idea of transplanting the arm somewhere that it could hang out while the stump healed. It's something that hasn't been done before and Hunt tells Lexie that he would lose a lot of range of motion in his elbow but she argues that she promised they would do all they could and that he deserves extreme measures. The men are swayed by her passion, and talk it over a little more given that it's something neither of them has ever done before. Lexie adds that after today they won't have the ability to choose if they want to try, and Avery tries to hide his smile as he watches her plead. Hunt tells them to both scrub in, and Mark gives her an appraising look before he heads out. Avery then tells her that she was definitely not mousy just then.

Derek seeks out his Post-It wife and mentions the brunch, which she tells him she knew about from a resident currently rifling through her closet. Derek apologizes for April's being overeager, and Mere then tells him that she has a surgery she can't just give up. Derek immediately says that he doesn't want her to, but Mere is obviously having a bit of an internal struggle because she goes on justifying her decision -- her patient is someone's wife too, and Mere is her doctor and needs to be there. She's stalling and tripping over her own words and when Derek smiles at her and tells her it's okay, she's clearly still unsure about the whole thing. Once she leaves he seems a bit bummed, but not surprised. I'm kind of curious why this breakfast didn't come up before, given that trustee brunches are generally not thrown together on a mere 12 hours notice, but man does it work nicely with the day's other stories about adapting.

Hunt is scrubbing in when Teddy enters to do the same, and after a second of hesitation she walks up and they briefly talk about their surgeries. She's impressed with whatever crazy arm shenanigans he's going to perform, but when she tells him this he looks pointedly away, almost comically, like a little kid trying to ignore someone. Teddy decides the best thing to do is just to forge ahead, and she tells him that she rented a cottage on the water, and found a good coffee place, and wanted a puppy but knew she wasn't around enough for one so she just went to the shelter and played with them. He's still pointedly not looking at her, and it's seriously ridiculous right now, so she tells him angrily that she got a fish instead, and then announces that she also got a bikini wax for the first time in forever. That's what finally does it for Hunt, and he interrupts her to demand what her problem is. The problem is hearing about her once trying an at-home waxing kit -- seriously, ladies, take it from Lauren and never, ever try that at home. Well, that's the problem I see, but Teddy yells at him that they were best friends, and she could tell him everything, but now he won't even look at her. He reminds her that she said those terrible three little words, scrubbing so hard I worry that he's going to lose some flesh before this surgery. She reminds him that he said he loved her too, but then chose Cristina, so Hunt points out that Teddy chose her too. He feels like he's cheating on Cristina when he talks to her, and says that he's sorry but pulls his mask up to end the conversation. Quietly, he admits that he misses his best friend too, but he's back to not looking at her and she storms out in frustration. While I appreciate his feelings in theory, they all work together. And Cristina is fully aware of what happened and not innocent herself. So wouldn't it be better to try and figure out how to all get along?

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