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Derek finds Bailey at the scene and they talk about how bad things are. She then asks him if he's seen the interns. He's only seen Meredith and is surprised and sounds kind of worried that she didn't bring the girl to Bailey as she said she would ten minutes before. Bailey has to inexplicably leave in the ambulance with her patient, as did Alex, and tells Derek to keep an eye out for them; he promises to do his best.

The hospital now looks slammed with patients as Alex arrives with Crush. When the Chief asks him what their next step should be, he pauses, staring Crush in her poor misshapen face, and Cristina takes the opportunity to jump in with recommended treatment. Alex continues to look worriedly at Crush, and behind him, Addy watches him with her own worried expression. Crush grabs his hand, which seems to be the only movement she can still make, and he tells her the baby is okay. Addison instructs him to cover her in radiology and warns that she's about to go through a lot. Webber gives the patient to Cristina and instructs Alex to head to the clinic where the family members are waiting. He's totally indignant, since he literally pulled her out of the rubble, and Chief says, "Which is heroic and manly, and you still need to talk to those families right now." He basically explains that they all need to help out, and Cristina can handle this patient. Crush's scared eyes watch him leave.

George is now at the hospital with his patient with the lost child, whose name is Carly. She's still describing her son, who loves police cars and fire engines. I guess that means he's lost in the right place at least. Bailey meets them and directs her to the OR, but she's still talking about her son. Bailey asks George what's going on, and Carly describes the deal they made, that he'll find Chris before Carly goes into surgery. Bailey tries to talk her into going into surgery now, but she's adamant that they find him first and seems to have utmost confidence that Wonder George can find him among the chaos before she loses all of her blood out the gaping wound in her stomach.

Ferry guy seems to have a remarkable hold on consciousness for someone crushed between two cars. His blood drips to the floor at the same time cadence as a clear liquid drips. I smell a fireball, folks. But they can't think about that now, Izzie has an IV in his arm and she's trying to bandage him as best she can. The guy is clearly in serious pain, and Burly Friend #1 is demanding she help him, but she's given him everything she's got. She still seems to be doing everything with a question mark at the end of it, like she's looking for someone's approval. She orders BF #1 to take the guy's hand, and when he questions her, she musters up some spine and yells, "You think he's in pain now, he's not. Hold his hand. Please." She walks herself through the steps, as BF#1 questions if she's really a doctor, and then grabs the guys arm and pulls. Screams fill the garage.

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