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The man who crawled onto the dock is writhing and yelling in pain with a huge gash in his leg, displaying just about every layer of bone and muscle he's got. Blood is actually spurting from his leg like a water fountain. He's clearly in shock, saying he needs to make it to a meeting -- though I can't imagine bleeding all over the room would give the impression he wanted to make. She puts a bandage on his leg and squeezes, which causes him to scream and squirm, but the blood just seeps right through as if the gauze is tissue paper. At that moment, Mere feels a tap on her shoulder, and her tiny blonde shadow is behind her, staring and silent. This little girl would be so much better suited to a horror movie, she's so creepy. I wouldn't be surprised if her head started spinning on her shoulders. Meredith orders her immediately to turn around and not look, and after a moment of staring at the blood, she complies. Meredith urges her to be brave and to definitely not turn around and look.

Cristina is with Crush and begins her MRI. Burke joins her and says that he'll take over, and she should leave and check on his other patients. She's appalled, especially when it turns out she won't be scrubbing in on the surgery. Despite his telling her that he needs someone to oversee the cardiothorasic wing and making that, and then doing sutures in the pit, sound important, it reeks of condescension. For the condescending cherry, he asks her if she has a problem with that. Calmly, she says no and turns and leaves. See, just when they convince me they're happy and maybe growing as people and in their relationship, he pulls this stupid rank bullshit, and I want to punch him in the face.

George is on the phone, looking for Carly's son Chris. From his side of the conversation we learn that all of the families are being directed to Seattle Grace, which means he has to beg to get anyone at other hospitals to look for the boy. Callie comes by and he asks for her help, but she brushes him off completely, sure he's asking some question as a husband and not a co-worker. These two need to have a conversation that's not about who is wearing the pants between the sheets, and quick. He's exasperated and explains he has a patient who needs surgery, but she just counters that she does too and leaves. He watches after her and then gets back to the phone, where he seems to be having no luck finding the little boy.

Meredith is tying a tourniquet on the man's leg and clearly needs help. She calls out but no one is paying attention, both because they're busy and because she's off sort of in a solitary corner away from the other traumas. She finally tells Mini Meredith to turn around and that she needs her help. The girl just stares silently, not a single muscle moving on her face. Meredith tries to coerce her, finally gently telling her, "I don't talk either when I get scared. I don't talk when bad things happen. You don't have to say anything, but I need your help." Let's hope that admitting this to her creepy Mini-Me means she can say those words to Derek and they can continue on their quest for a mature relationship, though I'm not sure it's in the cards anytime soon. Mini Mere eventually turns and looks at Meredith's hands pressing onto the wound. Meredith instructs her to look in her face and not at the wound, and asks her to go to her box and find an instrument. She's clearly panicked at relying on an 8-year-old as a medical assistant, although sometimes I feel like it's not entirely unlike what she goes through with the other interns at work. She's trying to keep her cool as she waits.

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