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Cristina is feverishly asking Alex about the "trauma bonanza" at the accident site. Alex is back in his black tank top -- let's hope this is going to become a permanent fixture for at least a moment each week -- and tells her not to talk. He's pissed that she stole Crush, but she asserts that it's his own damn fault that he hesitated. He counters that he was thinking, but she just informs him, "Well, again, not my problem that thinking is such a time-consuming process for you." He describes pulling her out of the water and getting the pylon off of her face, and Cristina is sick with jealousy that she missed the pylon-hauling good times. He's jealous right back at her, mad that he's going to talk to the families when she scrubs in. Imagine his delight when she admits she's not scrubbing in, but is going to be doing sutures in the pit. Nothing can brighten Alex's day like sweet retribution, and he wonders aloud who she pissed off. She tries to save face, defending, "I happen to be pulling gaping pieces of flesh back together." Unfortunately, with her long history of knocking sutures, he shoots back, "You're stitching. You're just one step closer to knitting your grandma's sweater." Cristina: "Well, at least mine's medical." Alex gets the best last word he can, telling her, "You're knitting, I pull pylons off people." She gives a priceless snit face as he walks off, slightly redeemed by her misery.

Sydney is in the clinic, and her attitude has gone from cocky and chirpy to completely overwhelmed and slightly less chirpy. She's offering orange juice to the waiting families, including one little boy whose extra -- I mean caretaker -- looks on and overacts her way through her small screen debut, nodding at the child unsuccessfully to get him to eat. She keeps repeating to everyone that they should be hearing something soon.

Burly Friend #1 is still holding his friend's hand, as Burly Friend #3 describes how he saved at least a dozen people before he was pinned. They're readying his halo, and Izzie is starting to tire of all of it. BF #1 starts talking about his five children, and Izzie snaps, "Okay, I'm committed to the project, I don't need to hear about the kids." The poor pinned guy himself finally calls off his friend, telling him to leave her alone, and he grudgingly apologizes and tries to force some sincerity into his voice while telling her she's doing a great job. Burly Friend #2 returns and asks how he's doing, and with fake gusto they say he's great. Izzie blows up and screams that he's not, demanding to know why he didn't return with Search and Rescue. It turns out they're completely overloaded and will come when they can, which is about the worst news for this poor pinned hero. I have to wonder at this point why his three huge manly friends aren't at least making an effort to lift up the car and get it off of him, but they seem to be better suited to badgering the only person they found to help their buddy and doing nothing actually useful whatsoever other than making a horrible situation more stressful. Their friend does the heroic thing and tells them to leave him, and proceeds to pass out, inciting panic among his buddies.

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