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I'll warn you now, I can do NO JUSTICE to the next scene. The Chief is in the elevator, sporting some newly dark hair. Addison is behind him, clearly trying valiantly to concentrate on her newspaper and not his head. Derek joins them and looks puzzled, asking what's different, and Addy quietly tells him to leave it be. Naturally, he puts his finger on it and asks Richard what's up with his hair, to which he claims nothing is up. On the next floor, Mark and Burke join them and the staring starts anew and Burke asks the same question. Addy still tries to quietly call them off, but Mark boisterously notes that the chief dyed his hair, and Derek chimes in immediately to ask why. After he earns a whack with the newspaper, Burke echoes the question, and Richard admits, "Men who have grey hair are noticed less than men who don't." Derek's confused about who's doing the noticing and after an uncomfortable silence Burke realizes, "By the ladies?" Mark laughs, and Addy has had enough and pushes forward to stand in front of all of them. She's in FULL sexy librarian mode with big awesome hair and the glasses, which she rips off to admonish them. "He is alone, all alone. Do any of you know what that's like?" Here she directs at each of them individually. "Lives with Cristina, dates the perfect 12-year-old... MANWHORE." Individually, and spectacularly, spot-on. No one dares contradict her and she goes on, "His wife left him! After 25 years of marriage! So if the man wants to dye his hair for the ladies, let him dye his hair for the ladies." Derek mouths, "All right," and the air is now suitably uncomfortable for everyone, especially the Chief who wanted to just get down with his Grecian formula in peace.

At the Eight Million Dollar Clinic, there's much more activity than was seen the day before. Bailey rolls a cart and Callie follows behind holding whiteboards, and they seem to be setting something up. Callie's in her own world, as everyone in the hospital does so well, blathering on about how weird it is to work with her husband. She explains, "At work, I'm giving him orders. In bed, he's giving me... " but she's mercifully cut off by Bailey. She acknowledges their problems but tells Callie, "I'm asking you to remember this day is a marathon, and my mind can only hold what it needs to know. And your sex life cannot be held in my mind today... EVER! Your sex life cannot be held in my mind ever. Okay?" When Bailey tells you to keep the bedroom gymnastics to yourself, you listen, and Callie shuts up. It's just as well because while my love for George has come back the past few weeks, one mental image I never, ever want is of him acting powerful in the bedroom. I'd prefer if our relationship just stayed out of those waters.

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