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Everyone's favorite psychotically cheerful doctor, Sydney, bustles in, announcing her presence, which makes everyone cringe. She chirps on about how nice the clinic is but manages to start showing her passive-aggressive side when she mentions that it's a great way to get Bailey noticed for Chief Resident. Unbelievably, Bailey has no idea what she's talking about -- and I understand that she did this out of the goodness of her heart and for the sake of expanding future storylines, but I don't believe for a second that a fourth-year resident would not be aware of the competition for Chief Resident the next year. But she apparently has no idea, and Syd explains that it will be the Resident who gets to lord over all the others next year. As if Bailey doesn't have that role just naturally. Sydney gets a bit of an edge to her chirp and says she's on to Miranda, and actually growls (chrirpily) at her. Miranda counters, "I bite," and snaps her teeth, making Sydney jump. Thankfully, she leaves.

Mere has gotten to the hospital and stares at her mom sitting in the hospital bed. She turns and leaves when her mom's gaze shifts out the door to her daughter.

In the locker room, Cristina positively beams and looks around her locker door at Meredith. She stares a while, and when Mere realizes and snaps a "What?" at her, Christina hides behind the door and stammers that Meredith is cranky. She's not wrong; Mere might do well to read Cristina's happy body language, but then again, her mother pretty much figuratively died the day before, so she's got a lot on her plate. Alex complains about the triage training they're doing that day -- which I assume is what Bailey is setting up -- and how useless it is, and he'd rather be in surgery. I'm sure that's true and that nothing about triage at all will be coming up anytime soon. Izzie pops in, all fakely cheerful asking George what it's like to live in a hotel. She stammers out that if he gets tired of "the hotel," punctuated with an eye roll to prove we all know that she's talking about Callie, her best friend's new WIFE, that he's free to come home back to his old room. Thank god he's still got the balls that grew in last week, and he actually laughs in her face. "You think I'm this boy that you need to save. I get it, it... would be sweet if it weren't so condescending." It just remains to be seen if any of this ever penetrates her thick skull. Alex continues griping, and Cristina hopefully gives it another try, but when Meredith again snaps at her, Cristina's face falls and she tells her it's nothing.

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