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Callie comes into the clinic and grabs a chart, but Sydney cuts her off. Callie wants to help out with some patients, but Sydney is having none of it; she's so territorial she's practically peeing all over the clinic at this point. Callie tells her she's not trying to take the clinic -- Bailey's clinic -- and was only trying to help, but she'll just go find some surgery instead, and Sydney can take care of her patients with envy-worthy symptoms like a "tummy ache." She gives an awesome little "hmm" and makes her way out as Syd tries to regain her chirpy composure and calls another patient.

Izzie looks terrified as firefighters run past her. Before she can choose where to go, a man grabs her and asks if she's a doctor or otherwise medically trained, since he has a friend she needs to see. She argues that he's hurt and needs help, but the man insists she come with him to his friend, who is trapped. Search and Rescue is backed up and can't help, and she lets herself be led toward the ferry, looking kind of timid.

Back at the hospital, Richard instructs Derek to take the next ride out to the accident scene to care for the various head injuries. "And so we can come up with a way to get you and Meredith together in the shadow of this horrific accident that may or may not signify your relationship." Oh, wait, that was me adding some commentary. Mark's at the desk, and Richard then asks what news there is. Mark reports, "Shepherd and Grey are on the rocks, Burke and Yang got engaged." The chief looks stunned. The poor guy can't seem to handle dying his hair, an accident, and the sexual exploits of his staff all in the same day. Mark circles him, examining his hair and declares, "You need highlights. In your hair, that's why it looks so odd." At the withering stare he receives he grins and declares, "I'm gonna go save lives."

Alex is helping a bloody victim, and as he wraps up (both literally and figuratively), he looks over the edge to a floating part of the dock below, covered in wreckage as well as a body. He climbs down to check it out, despite guy yelling at him about how it's too dangerous. The body is of a pregnant woman, and Alex feels no pulse, so he tags her and turns to leave. Just then, though, she twitches her fingers and moans, and he runs back and goes all Popeye to pull a giant concrete pylon off of her face. While the accident scene in general looks a little bit fake, the makeup people outdid themselves with the victims of the accident, and her face is crushed, swollen, and bruised. Her eyes, however, look out at Alex, terrified.

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