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Down below in the ferry, cars are crushed on top of one another like fallen dominoes. Two guys are talking to their buddy, who is pinned by one vehicle on the hood of another. Burly Friend #1 assures him that he found a doctor and he's going to be fine. The guy just twitches and looks scared, as does Izzie.

Cristina stands in a waiting room at the hospital and watches a newscast from the accident site, where it's mentioned that the ferry could have been carrying between 1,000 and 1,500 passengers. Richard comes up behind her, telling her what to expect when patients arrive. As she leaves to prepare, he calls after her, and to her shock, he congratulates her on her engagement. She thanks him and he sends her off, reminding her, "We're hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst."

Back at the accident site there is a shot of helicopters taking off from a parking lot next to the water, with the highway and the Seattle downtown buildings behind them. It's kind of eerie that when I look next to my TV, I realize that the picture of me and my best friend, taken on vacation in Seattle, shows us with exactly the same skyline behind us. Small world. This time we're hanging with George, who's shouting some orders to transport a couple of people and that the others didn't make it. Upon hearing him say one of the bodies is a child, a banged-up woman begins to freak out. She's been separated from her 7-year-old son and is refusing to be treated until she can find him. George pleads with her and makes a deal, that if she goes to triage, he will find the boy. She's still freaking out, as George has his hand on what looks like something protruding from her abdomen. He takes a photo that she's been holding and helps her into a wheelchair.

Down below, Izzie is trying to help her own patient as Burly Friend #1 explains that he's a mechanic and the two drive to work together. He ran back down to try and help people and ended up getting trapped. Izzie shouts that he has chest and leg injuries in addition to a broken arm and reckons he's probably got pelvic and spine injuries too. Pretty much every item from the Injury Buffet, if you will. She says she can't do much until they get him out, and Burly Friend #1 just demands that she do what she can. She tells Burly Friend #2 to go find search and rescue, since their boy can't wait.

Derek's made it to the scene, and Meredith overhears him talking and approaches him, still holding Mini Mere's hand. She begins to help him and out of nowhere, he asks her if she wants to get married. She's bewildered by the question and assures him no, but asks if he does. Rather than answer, he just notes that's not It and wants to know what It is that's bugging her. She says nothing, taking Mini-Mere's lead. There's some awkward silence, and she asks if he's good so that she can go take care of Mini. He asks if the girl is okay and Meredith says that she is, "She's just lost." And please, Derek, watch out for falling anvils in addition to the rest of the horror out there on the water.

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