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Wind of Change
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On a beautiful Seattle morning, Arizona is jogging... with two fully intact legs. Mere's VO teaches us about Phantom Limb Syndrome -- people who have lost a limb can experience sensations where the limb used to be and most of the time, what they feel is intense pain. I've read about this before and it sounds horrifying, as the pain is usually incredibly strong and can be debilitating. She gets a page and runs straight to the hospital where a blonde female patient has been brought after a plane crash, with a broken femur and massive infection. Arizona tries to follow the gurney but she's struck with crippling pain in her own left femur and then all of a sudden, her leg begins to crumble into cartoony CG glass, finally shattering to a million pieces and sending her falling to the floor.

She sits up in bed, gasping in pain, and a sleepy Callie asks if she's hurting again. But why tell your orthopedic surgeon wife that you're having pain when you can just suffer in silence alone? She convinces Callie to go back to sleep and then gasps silently as she rubs at the bed in the spot where her leg used to be.

At the real hospital later, Callie frowns while reading something on her phone and then when she runs into Derek, lays into him for starting back on surgery with a complicated, long, difficult brain surgery with a huge margin for error and/or death. He's Derek, why do something sensible? Though it turns out he has a decent reason for it -- this is a patient he was supposed to operate on around the time of the crash, and if he doesn't go in soon it will be too late for the guy. Callie concedes that if he can do this, then she'll know "her hand" can do anything. Derek argues back that it's "his hand," but she takes no notice.

Owen gathers the surgical staff together and then gets up on the stairs to announce that, on account of the "financial setback" that has befallen the hospital, the administration is working to cut costs and they have hired a Physician Advisor to help them out. He claims this person will help them figure out how to maximize efficiency while cutting costs where they can. Bailey dryly points out what everyone is thinking, which is that this person will be figuring out who can be fired. Owen plays this down and tries to sound confident as he says that this person is just there to help, but he is convincing absolutely no one. He was supposed to introduce her at this meeting but she's late, and Cristina cracks that that isn't very efficient; it's certainly setting her up to be received even less warmly than she would have anyway. Derek is miffed to hear that she'll be observing even inside the OR but Owen explains that she is a trained surgeon and repeats again that she's going to help. Even he doesn't sound convinced by his own words, though.

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