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Wind of Change

Princess and Derek are in the OR, and he explains to her that there is a timer set to ding every 10 minutes and when that happens she's to drench Jimmy's brain tissue. Derek is also going to be periodically using a probe to stimulate Jimmy's facial muscles and so Princess' job will be to look at the screen and make sure he is twitching. As long as he's twitching, they haven't accidentally killed off his facial function. And with that, they are off and cutting.

Smash has a face of stone as he holds on to his cooler on the jet, and Bailey demands to know why they haven't taken off yet. A moment later, the question is answered when Mere pokes her head in the door and says that she can go after all. Bailey's doubtful, but Mere's face is all grim determination -- the first time she's looked anything but teary and insane all day -- and she takes her seat and tells Bailey she'll call when they have the liver ready. She buckles herself in and then grabs a hold of the seat, twitching and drumming her fingers nervously. Smash is obviously worried and keeps glancing at her, but he has finally learned when he should and shouldn't speak around Medusa and he keeps quiet. As the plane lifts off, Mere lets out a huge breath.

The plane successfully makes it to Portland and Mere makes sure that she's doing all of the actual surgery herself. The only thing she'll actually allow him to do is to hold the basin where she places the liver. As she does, though, he notices that there's a mass on there and she winds up even closer to waterworks as she moans that they have to have it biopsied.

While Arizona, Alex and Cristina work, Alana is up in the gallery quizzing Owen about the cost of the Africa program. He makes it sound pretty good but she has a comeback for his various points and isn't concerned at all about sounding remotely impressed. They are interrupted when Arizona gasps in pain and knocks a basin to the floor. Owen jumps up to the intercom and tells her to imagine a wave, while Alana demands to know what's going on, thinking Arizona is having a panic attack. They all ignore her and after Arizona admits that this is especially bad, Owen finally turns to Alana and sends her off to go watch Derek's surgery; she's shocked to find out that it began that morning as originally planned. Alex keeps offering to take over for Arizona but Cristina yells that no one can move because Arizona currently is holding something crucial and any movement would be catastrophic. Arizona tells Alex to shut up, she's at the beach. He has no idea what she's talking about and seems even more alarmed when it sounds like she's talking gibberish.

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