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Wind of Change

Bailey and Heidi both knew that the liver retrieval was supposed to be quick, so Heidi is panicking now that too much time has passed. Bailey tries to calm her down and finally, the phone rings. Happily, it's Meredith calling to say the liver is okay and they will be there in 50 minutes.

Despite having told her he wouldn't have time to teach her during the surgery, Derek is actually walking Princess through everything he's doing. So far, Jimmy's face keeps twitching on command, and the mood is cautiously optimistic until Alana bangs in, demanding to know the status of the surgery. Derek plays dumb and refuses to work with her which just makes her madder and she tells him pointedly that Princess gave her the wrong time. Princess plays innocent and calls it an intern mistake but Derek actually speaks up and defends her, saying that she was following his orders not to allow visitors. He and Alana snap at each other a bit more until Derek yells that anyone not surgically necessary isn't welcome in the OR. She's completely unimpressed by his attitude, but she does turn and stomp out.

Arizona is gently trying to adjust her leg and pleads that she has to switch out but Cristina absolutely won't allow it since she's holding the little girl's heart valve in place. Finally, with no other options, Arizona tells Alex to stab her in the foot with a scalpel. Alex doesn't even know what to think but definitely doesn't think she's serious until Owen jumps on the OR and orders him to do so. Of course Alana walks back in as this is going on but Owen manages to ignore her. Alex seems doubtful but finally takes the blade and drives it into Arizona's shoe, so that it goes straight through to her prosthetic foot. Owen cringes as Alex does it, but when Arizona looks down and sees the instrument sticking out of her foot, she finally starts to breathe deeply and it appears the pain begins to subside.

Things are not going so well in Derek's ER; he tries the probe again, but this time there is no movement in Jimmy's face. Princess asks what it means, as if this complication was not already explained multiple times to the patient and to her, so Derek can answer dramatically that they may have lost Jimmy the ability to move half his face and they won't know for sure until he wakes up.

Meredith and Smash bring the cooler into the OR, and Mere sees that the baby has been delivered and is being wheeled away in an incubator. She tears up again and Smash panics, thinking something is going wrong, but it turns out that she also cries when she's happy. She's not so happy that she doesn't threaten him to keep his eyes on the liver, though, rather than on her teary face.

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