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Wind of Change

Everyone in the room gasps; Owen argues that they are a Level 1 trauma center and Richard points out that they are a hospital, implying that a hospital with no ER is just insanity. She argues that the ER is not bringing in any money and that most of the patients who came in were underinsured and had ailments that could have been handled by a primary care doctor. She also points out that having surgical interns staff the place is a complete waste of their skills. She then also reminds everyone that overall she's working to try and keep the hospital itself open. Derek speaks up and dismisses the idea as ridiculous but Bailey interrupts him to ask if he has a better idea. Rather harshly she points out that Alana is trying to keep the hospital open and keep all of them employed, which seems important since most of them don't have millions of dollars to fall back on. Derek's face turns to stone, while everyone else looks shocked, crash victims and other docs alike, that she would really go there. Bailey says that unless anyone has a better idea, they should probably hear Alana out. Jackson gives her an impressed smile, while everyone else just sort of silently gapes at what just happened.

After the meeting, Richard trails after Alana to the elevator and tries to sound casual as he suggests that she might have judged things a little bit harshly, and maybe with his years of experience there they could work together to try and figure out some solutions. She just tells him that being a harsh judge is necessary for her job, and then adds that she knows he's disappointed in her but it's not his job to judge her anymore, either. All of their interactions have been a little bit strange and I am curious what the history is and if we're actually going to get to find out one during of these episodes. She reminds him of something he said during her intern year, which is that medicine is constantly changing and they need to be a part of that change or get out. She's there to make changes, and thinks he should be proud. As she gets on the elevator she adds, almost as an afterthought, that Richard logged the fewest OR hours of any surgeon the past month. "Good night!"

To be fair, that is because his WIFE JUST DIED, but it seems that giving details to Alana such as that, or the fact that Arizona is still learning how to manage with a new prosthetic leg, isn't a big concern to anyone. I totally think that if they are back at work they should then be ready to get back to work, but I also think that these details help put particular events and choices into a much more meaningful context.

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