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Wind of Change

Arizona is already in bed while Callie gets ready to join her and rants about Alana's proposed changes. She adds that it should have been a good day, too, because Derek was able to do a 23-hour surgery with his fancy fixed hand. Arizona tells her that they should go to sleep, but Callie is too angry to do it yet. So instead, Arizona asks if she wants to go to the beach with her. Callie is so confused she laughs as she asks what on earth Arizona means. Mere tells us that the body can be stubborn about accepting change; it likes to hold out hope that it will be whole again.

Actual Meredith is pretty livid at Bailey for calling Derek out in the meeting but Derek for once is the more understanding one, reminding Mere that Bailey is nervous, just like everyone else. Mere argues that it isn't their fault, but Derek concedes that right now it feels like it is. And that truly sucks -- they really have wound up in a completely horrible position because they really are victims, but now they look like the causes of the downfall of the hospital, too, which isn't fair to them. She decides to change her focus to the good that happened that day, which is that Derek got his hand back. She then tells him proudly that she flew on a plane; he's shocked, and she still seems kind of freaked out by it, but she's also proud of herself.

She VOs that the body will fight until it can understand its new reality, accept what is gone, and move on. We see Callie and Arizona sitting in lounge chairs on a fake beach (I suspect this might even be Izzie and Dead Denny's fake beach), sipping margaritas. Awesomely, we see that in this daydream Arizona has her prosthetic, though it's propped up against the chair while they relax and enjoy the waves. In their bedroom, holding hands with their eyes closed, Callie happily says that this really kind of works. I feel all warm and fuzzy that Arizona has finally accepted her new self and that she and Callie are finally back on track.

Lauren S is a writer who lives and works in Atlanta and loves virtual margaritas on a virtual beach almost as much as she likes the real thing. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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