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Wind of Change

When the meeting breaks up Meredith tells Derek she needs to see him about something urgent; it turns out that the urgency is a pregnancy-hormone-fueled fire in her loins for her husband. When she gets a page for a consult, though, she bursts into tears and explains with a tragedy mask face that she cries now whenever she's mad, and she's mad because she can't have sex. Smash knocks on the door and calls to Derek that he's supposed to be working with Meredith but he wants to scrub in on the brain surgery, so could Derek speak to his wife? Blotchy, angry Mere opens the door and hollers at him that they have a consult on a pregnant woman with abdominal pain, so he's to do the workup and meet her there and to not even give Derek's surgery a second thought. She slams the door in his face and kisses Derek, who notes to himself that he actually is quite a fan of these pregnancy hormones.

Stephanie is trying to work the ER but she's in over her head which we can tell because she can't even hold on to a stack of charts. She runs up to April and asks her to do a consult, guiltily adding that she's sure April has better things to do. Few things are more uncomfortable than having to ask your boss and current fling's ex-girlfriend for help. April isn't too pleased to have Stephanie on her service and when she realizes Stephanie doesn't even know the bed numbers she declares that she's going to whip her into shape and teach her how to actually run the pit.

They walk up to the patient and April apologizes for the wait, but the woman just smarms back that if she'd really had shortness of breath she'd be on the verge of death now, so thanks a lot. Meet Alana Cahill, the Physician Advisor. It turns out she missed the meeting because she was waiting to see how long it took to get help in the ER, and Stephanie is horrified and tries to take the blame but an unimpressed Alana just wants to be taken to meet Owen.

Mere's pregnant patient, Brie, is in a ton of pain; her wife Heidi holds her hands and babbles nervously that this must just be early labor. Mere reports that it's not contractions but assures them the baby is okay and the lab results will help them figure out what's going on. Well, they would if Smash had ordered the right test, which he didn't. He falls over himself apologizing and high-tails it out to correct his mistake; Mere manages not to cry this time in front of the patients even though she's plenty pissed off.

Arizona and Alex have one of their African patients in for an operation, and Cristina is helping out since the little girl needs heart surgery. The girl's guardian tells them how relieved she was to find out that the program wasn't moving to UCLA after all, since Alex and Arizona are so good with the kids. Arizona assures her that she had been gone but now she's back, and the program isn't going anywhere now -- this feels awfully heavy-handed and like the program will wind up in Alana's sights soon enough.

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