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Wind of Change

April and Stephanie meet an ambulance staffed by an extremely cute paramedic named Matthew. April takes no notice of him and just talks Stephanie through receiving a patient which she manages to screw up. She wants a do-over but April yells at her that there is no time. There's also no time for her to take any notice of just how good-looking Matthew really is.

Alana is lecturing Owen about how long she had to wait in the ER as they walk down the hall, but is cut off when Richard recognizes her and calls her name. It turns out she was a student of his and he's happy to see her and figures she must be there for a job. His smile falters when he finds out she's actually the advisor, and she seems mighty uncomfortable around him as well. He wants to catch up but she claims she's too busy, and can't seem to get away from him fast enough.

Our new interns have for some reason continued to hang out at their disgusting dumpster oasis and that's where Princess finds Smash, staring at his phone. She tells him that she's there to trade places with him but he's living in fear of the pregnancy hormones and refuses to give up Liver Duty. Princess is still bent out of shape that Derek doesn't want to work with her and she berates him and steals his phone, holding it out of reach like she is a bully stealing his lunch on the playground. She's then shocked when the phone actually rings.

Cristina, Alex and Arizona are in the OR, and Cristina gets really excited when she realizes that their patient might have some crazy rare condition that she's only ever read about before. Arizona is fidgeting with pain while Cristina and Alex talk, barely able to hear anything for the pain in her leg. Cristina is suddenly much more supportive of the program when she realizes that these kids are bringing new and fantastical diseases that she hadn't dreamed she'd ever really get to see in person. When it's time to send something for a biopsy, Arizona offers to take it to the lab and ducks out of the room as fast as possible, to Alex's confusion. Once she gets out the doors and out of sight, she leans on a gurney and gasps in pain, rubbing her leg.

Owen and Alana walk in to the break room where Arizona is sitting with her head in her hand, clearly upset. Alana zeroes in on the pastries and bagels and asks if they are in every room; Owen doesn't actually know if they are and sounds shocked that she'd be looking at things like that. Oh Owen, come ON. We've all read those Yahoo! articles about how we aren't supposed to get coffee at Starbucks every morning and this is totally the workplace equivalent of that. You aren't that clueless. I realize that Alana isn't there to be their friend but the woman has absolutely no sense of humor, either, and her stilted manner isn't helping Owen or anyone else feel comfortable. (Nor is it making them want to help her out, either.) When he introduces her to Arizona he realizes Arizona is upset and asks for a moment so Alana leaves. He immediately realizes that she's having phantom pain and tries to convince her that it's a very real problem and not just her being crazy, which is what she's beating herself up about. He's worried for her when he hears that it's getting worse, and he goes and pulls a mirror off of a cupboard door and brings it over to her. He sets it down so that she sees a reflection of her good leg, as if her other leg is still whole.

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