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Wind of Change

The next morning she wakes up sitting on the floor of the bathroom, with a long mirror propped up reflecting her still-whole leg like Owen did earlier. Because she totally just happened to have an extra 3-foot long mirror lying around that she could bring into the room without waking her sleeping wife, like we all do. Callie tries to open the door and join her for a shower but Arizona calls a quick excuse that she's running late, and they make plans to do a movie that night after work. Callie is obviously disappointed, while Arizona is relieved that Callie doesn't realize that she's working on her phantom pain.

Back at the hospital, Mere has the unhappy task of telling Heidi that there was a complication with the donor liver and it's no longer viable. She works to keep herself sounding realistic but positive and it's all going as well as possible if you ignore Smash hanging in the doorway like a wounded puppy. Mere assures Heidi that they'll keep Brie on life support and doing transfusions to buy her some time until they can hopefully get a new liver. Heidi pleads with them to make Brie okay again; as Bailey talks to her Mere finally bolts for the door like she can no longer stand to be trapped in the room.

Outside, she rests her head in her hands when Smash comes up and has the absolute gall to say, dejected, that he hopes she won't mention his massive screw-ups to Derek since Derek still thinks he's amazing. Mere orders him to shut right up and tells him he's not allowed to feel sorry for himself since he did destroy a good liver and that's all Mere can see now when she looks at him. His phone rings and Mere almost starts angry crying again when he looks to see who it is but finally he is able to interject that he thinks it's UNOS, so she grabs the phone and answers it herself.

Alana is in scrubs, studying the surgery board, when Richard walks up to greet her. She clearly has no interest in talking to him and is instead trying to figure out her schedule to observe surgeries that day. She is especially interested in Derek's surgery; Princess is nearby and overhears this so she manages to walk up to the board and wipe off part of the 8 so that it looks clumsily like the surgery is at 3:00 instead if you had no idea what actual handwritten numbers were supposed to look like. Princess smiles sweetly as she says that the surgery was pushed back and so Alana thanks her and adjusts her schedule accordingly. Richard excitedly thinks that maybe this gives them time for coffee but she shoots him down again and finally he makes the comment that he always expected to see her in the OR. She dryly replies, "One way or another, right?" It seems like he finds this position to be a step down from being an actual surgeon, and she is so self-conscious and prickly that I suspect deep down she agrees.

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